Gaba National Air Fryer GN-5522

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Best Price Guaranteed

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Introducing the Gaba National Air Fryer GN-5522, your kitchen companion for healthier and tastier cooking! Featuring advanced "Air Fryer Gaba National" technology, this appliance lets you relish your favourite dishes with up to 80% less oil, promising guilt-free indulgence. 

The sleek and modern design of the "Air Fryer" seamlessly blends with any kitchen decor, adding a touch of elegance to your cooking space. Its intuitive controls, and versatile cooking options make meal preparation effortless for chefs of all levels. 

From crispy fries to succulent chicken, the "Gaba National Air Fryer" delivers mouthwatering results that impress your taste buds. Embrace a healthier lifestyle and elevate your culinary experience with this exceptional "Air Fryer" from Gaba National.

Gaba National Air Fryer GN-5522 Specifications:

  • Brand:  Gaba National
  • Model:  GN-5522
  • Easy to Clean:  Yes
  • Easy to Maintain:  Yes
  • Safer to use than conventional Fryers:  Yes
  • Capacity:  5.5L
  • Power Consumption:  1425W
  • Mechanical Timer:  30 min
  • Transverse Dial Type for Temperature Control:  Yes
  • Detachable Inner Pot or Basket:  Yes
  • Storage for Power Code & Basket:  Yes

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