Canon Water Dispenser

Canon Water Dispenser CA-103

Canon Water Dispenser CA-103

Canon Water Dispenser CA-103 Specifications: Brand:  Canon Model:  CA-103 Taps:  Three Open Taps (Hot & Cold & Warm) Tank Capacity:  4 Liter Cold Tank Food Grade Hot & Cold Tanks: ...
Canon Water Dispencer CA-216 (RED)

Canon Water Dispenser CA-216 (RED)

Brand:  Canon Model:  CA-216 Color:  Red Door:  Glass Door Cabinet with Fridge:  Yes Hot & Cold Water:  Yes Thermostat Refrigerator:  Yes Water Tank Capacity:  4 ltr Child Safety Lock:  Yes Double Safety Device to Prevent from Overheating:  Yes Compressor...
Canon Water Dispenser CA-215 (Blue)

Canon Water Dispenser CA-215 (Blue)

Brand:  Canon Model:  CA-215 Color:  Blue Door:  Glass Door Cabinet with Fridge:  Yes Hot & Cold Water:  Yes Thermostat Refrigerator:  Yes Water Tank Capacity:  4 ltr Child Safety Lock:  Yes...

Canon Water Dispenser

These dispensers ensure your home's water is safe for your family, coming in various models with features like child safety locks and thermostat refrigerators. Suitable for daily use, they provide room-temperature water. The Precise Temperature Control System maintains water temperature for longer, and they're easy to clean with water. Find the best prices for Canon Water Dispensers in Pakistan at Japan Electronics.

Types of Canon Water Dispensers

There are two types of Canon water dispensers – one with a single tap and another with multiple taps. The two-tap model has a cool cabinet for cold water storage, while other one is three-tap model. All Canon water dispensers feature a robust compressor from Danfoss, a reputable Swedish company known for durable compressors. They have a sturdy structure and a one-year warranty against defects. The 3-tap models, like Crystal Campaign Glass Door 3 and Aqua 3 Snow White, have cool water tanks that can hold more than three liters and a hot water tank that can hold about one liter.

Energy-Efficient Water Dispensers

If you seek energy-saving water dispensers, Canon is a good choice. They are energy-efficient and require replacement parts every few years. Reasonably priced, most come with a warranty. Purchase them online at Japan Electronics at a competitive price, making them an excellent option for home or office use. Comparing prices before deciding is a wise approach.

Canon Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

The prices for Canon water dispensers are affordable, ranging from Rs. 30,000 to 34,500 online in Pakistan. With a one-year warranty, they are a worthwhile investment. Installation and usage are easy, and the dispensers are durable. They are also economical since most models only need replacement once or twice in a lifetime. Affordable and made with quality components,

Canon water dispensers are recommended for homes in Pakistan. The brand is known for its performance, stylish designs, and cost-effectiveness. If you're on a tight budget, consider Canon water dispensers, such as the Crystal Glass Door 3 tap dispenser, offering hot and cold water in a streamlined design. These water dispensers are made with high-quality materials, compatible with other Canon home appliances, and can simplify your life.

 Models Price (Approximately)
Canon Water Dispenser CA-103 Rs.36,200 
 Canon Water Dispenser CA-216 (RED) Rs.34,000
 Canon Water Dispenser (CA-100) Rs.30,000 
 Canon Water Dispenser CA-215 (Blue) Rs.34,000
 Canon Water Dispenser CA-214 (RED) Rs.34,000
 Canon Water Dispenser CA-215 (Red) Rs.34,000

Note: Please note that our prices are for informational purposes only and are approximate; they may not reflect the exact current prices. For current prices, please check the product page.

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