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LG A.W.M F2T2TYM1S  Specifications: Brand:  LG Model:  F2T2TYM1S  Basic Spec:  8kg 1200 Steam Factory:  Türkiye Factory Factory Model:  F2T2TYM1S Platform Name:  ND 8kg Platform Size:  560 Type:  Washer Twin Jet...
Super Asia Spinner SD-572

Super Asia Spinner SD-572

Super Asia Spinner SD-572 Specifications: Brand:  Super Asia Model:  SD-572 Elegant Transparent Crystal Lid:  Yes Body:  Shock & rust proof plastic body Quick Spinning:  Yes Shower Spin Technology:  Yes Auto...
Royal Dryer RD-110 (Plastic)

Royal Dryer RD-110 (Plastic)

Royal Dryer RD-110 (Plastic) Specifications: Brand:  Royal Model:  RD-110 Capacity:  Spinner Tub Capacity 10 KG Large capacity spinner:  Yes Powerful Motor:  Yes Auto Brake System:  Yes Double inlets to save...
Haier Spinner HWS 60-50 (Cyan Black)

Haier Spinner HWS 60-50 (Cyan Black)

Haier Spinner HWS 60-50 (Cyan Black) Specifications: Brand:  Haier Model:  HWS 60-50 Color:  Cyan Black Type:  Spinner Spin Capacity:  6 kg RPM:  1330 Program:  Standard, Strong Outer Cabinet Material:  Virgin...
Haier A.W.M HWM 120-1678ES8

Haier A.W.M HWM 120-1678ES8

Haier A.W.M HWM 120-1678ES8 Specifications: Brand:  Haier Model:  HWM 120-1678ES8 Color:  Grey Capacity (kg):  12 Display:  LED Type:  Series Top Loading Memory Function:  Yes Child Lock:  Yes Rinse Cycle:  Yes...
Ecostar A.W.M EW-F1204DC

Ecostar A.W.M EW-F1204DC

Ecostar A.W.M EW-F1204DC Specifications: Brand:  Ecostar Model:  EW-F1204DC Rated Voltage:  220V Rated Frequency:  50Hz Phases:  Single phase Wash Capacity:  12 kg Position of water inlet:  Backside Body Color:  Deep Coffee(Metallic...
Kenwood Washing Machine KWM-231159 (Silver Grey Powder Wash)

Kenwood Washing Machine KWM-231159 (Silver Grey Powder Wash)

Kenwood Washing Machine KWM-231159 (Silver Grey Powder Wash) Specifications: Brand: Kenwood Model: KWM-231159 Type of Washing Machine: Twin Tub Maximum Spin Speed (RPM): Below 1000 RPM Drum Type: Plastic Top...
Samsung A.W.M WA10CK4545BYRT

Samsung A.W.M WA10CK4545BYRT

Samsung A.W.M WA10CK4545BYRT Specifications: Brand:  Samsung Model:  WA10CK4545BYRT Washing Capacity (kg):  10.0 kg Type:  Top Load Body color:  Lavender gray Door:  Black Caviar Panel Display:  LED Eco Bubble:  Yes BubbleStorm™:...
Samsung A.W.M WA1015CK5745BDRT

Samsung A.W.M WA1015CK5745BDRT

Samsung A.W.M WA1015CK5745BDRT Specifications: Brand:  Samsung Model:  WA1015CK5745BDRT Washing Capacity (kg):  15.0 kg Type:  Top Load Body color:  Versailles Gray Door:  Black Caviar Panel Display:  LED Eco Bubble:  Yes BubbleStorm™:...
Super Asia A.W.M SA-812 i Auto Inverter (Black)

Super Asia A.W.M SA-812 i Auto Inverter (Black)

Super Asia A.W.M SA-812 i Auto Inverter (Black) Specifications: Brand:  Super Asia Model: SA-812 i Color:  Black Washing Capacity: 12 kg Multi-Directional Wash with Wiggle Technology:  Yes Drum Shape:  Curved Diamond...
Super Asia A.W.M SA-812 White

Super Asia A.W.M SA-812 White

Super Asia A.W.M SA-812 White Specifications: Brand:  Super Asia Model:  SA-812 Color:  White Washing Capacity: 12 kg Pulsator:  Wiggle Technology Pulsator Magic of One Touch Wash:  Yes Fuzzy Logic Control:  Yes...
Haier Washing Machine HTW-110-186

Haier Washing Machine HTW-110-186

Haier Washing Machine HTW-110-186 Specifications: Brand:  Haier Model: HTW-110-186 Wash Capacity (Kg): 9 Type: Twin Tub Wash & Spin: 9/6 Highest Spin Speed: ≈1300 DIMENSION (WxHxD) MM-Net: 990x825x470 DIMENSION (W990x825x470DxH)...

Washing Machine Price in Pakistan June 2024

Are you searching for the best prices of washing machines? Look No further, you can get your favorite washing machine in Pakistan from Japan Electronics at affordable prices. The washing machine price in Pakistan is Rs. 6,499 and the average price of a washing machine in Pakistan is Rs. 29,799.

There are lots of washing machine brands in the country. It's important to buy one that fits your budget for home use because there are many models to pick from. Most machines are good for small families with their efficient spin cycles, but some need more upkeep, which might not be great for busy households.

Anyway, the key things to think about are how much laundry it can handle and what features it has. If you need a machine for a big family, it will be more expensive than a smaller one.

Automatic Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, automatic washing machines price vary from Rs 67,000 to Rs 450,000. The prices at Japan Electronics stores have recently dropped by 5%. Japan Electronics provides a range of washing machines, with popular brands starting at Rs 20,500. These machines come with special features like Pillow Drum Icon, Rat Mesh, child lock, and Bubble Wash with a Powerful Motor.

Automatic washing machines come in various sizes and prices based on their capacity. If you have a family of five to six people, a 9.0 kg model is a good fit, while larger families may prefer a 10 kg machine. Prices for top-load models start at Rs 20,600, but there are also 20-kg machines available for larger families, albeit at a higher cost. The price of each brand's machine depends on its size and features, but opting for a larger size is always an option. If you have a small family, you can also consider purchasing an automatic mini washing machine.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Japan Electronics offers the best prices for Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in Pakistan. These machines are best option if you have limited space. Also they are easy on your budget. A high-quality model ensures effective cleaning without sacrificing performance. You can use any type of detergent, and maintenance is easy. These machines are small and perfect for small apartments. Plus, they are designed to wash and dry your clothes in half the time compared to a regular machine.

Dryer Price in Pakistan

When it comes to buying a dryer in Pakistan, you have many choices. You can check the Japan Electronics website or visit our stores to see a list of brands that sell dryers in the country. The list includes popular brands. If you want to know more about the products and services offered by different brands, keep checking the Japan Electronics website. You can also compare the prices of dryers at Japan Electronics with other websites. We are sure you will find the best prices for dryers in Pakistan at Japan Electronics.

Some dryer models have stainless steel spin tubs, while others use enameled iron with a porcelain coating. The washing tub is not visible from the outside, and you need to open the machine to see it.

Twin Tub Washing Machine

There's another kind of washing machine called the Twin Tub. It can handle 9kg of laundry and works as both a washer and dryer combo. While it's not as efficient as bigger washer-dryers, it's still handy to have. With this model, you can do your basic laundry without the trouble of going to the closet to hang up wet clothes. If you live in a small space, a Twin Tub Washing Machine is a good choice compared to a regular washer and dryer.

 Models Price 
Boss Washing Machine KE-9500-BS-Green Rs.29,900 
Boss Washing Machine KE-6550-BSS Rs.26,800 
 Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine DWD 85400 Front Load Rs.300,000
 Dawlance Fully Automatic Washing Machine DWF 8200 X Inverter Rs.255,500
 Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine DWF-8120 GR Rs.228,000
 Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine DWF 7200X Front Load Rs.170,000
 Dawlance Fully Automatic Washing Machine DWF-7120 W INV Rs.155,000
 Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine DWT-1775 PL Rs.135,000
Haier Automatic Washing Machine HS150-B1978S9 Rs.170,000
Haier Fully Automatic Washing Machine HWM80-BP12929 S3 FRONT LOAD Rs.155,000
Haier Automatic Washing Machine HS120-B1978S9 Rs.146,000
Haier A.W.M HWM-150-B1678S8 (Top Load) Rs.122,000
Haier A.W.M HWM 150-1678 ES8 Rs.116,000
Super Asia A.W.M SA-812 i Auto Inverter (Black) Rs.103,500
Super Asia A.W.M SA-814 Rs.95,000
Super Asia A.W.M SA-812 White Rs.90,000
Super Asia A.W.M SA-809 G White Rs.66,500
Super Asia Washing Machine SA-280 Crystal Rs.36,700
Kenwood Washing Machine KWM-231159 (Silver Grey Powder Wash) Rs.38,000
Kenwood Washing Machine KWM-231159 (Black Flower Power Wash) Rs.38,000
Kenwood Washing Machine KWM-1012SA Rs.37,000
Kenwood Washing Machine KWM-1010SA Rs.36,000

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