Panasonic Water Dispenser

Panasonic Water Dispenser WD-3128

Panasonic Water Dispenser WD-3128

Brand:  Panasonic Model:  WD-3128 Top Loading Design:  Yes No. of Taps:  3 Taps Silver Finish for the Bottom:  Yes Double Safety Device for Preventing Overheat:  Yes Child Safety Lock:  Yes...
Panasonic Water Dispenser WD-3320TG

Panasonic Water Dispenser WD-3320TG

Brand:  Panasonic Model:  WD-3320TG Three Faucets Design:  Yes Double Safety Device for Preventing Overheat:  Yes Child Safety Lock:  Yes Compressor Cooling:  High Efficiency Compressor Cooling Water Tank:  High Power Stainless...
Panasonic Water Dispenser WD-3238TG

Panasonic Water Dispenser WD-3238TG

Brand:  Panasonic Model:  WD-3238TG Water Bottle Position:  Top Load Net Weight:  15.6 kg Gross Weight:  17.6 kg Safe, Sleek & Durable Top Load water Dispenser:  Yes No. of Taps:  3...

Water is essential for our well-being, and ensuring its safety is crucial for our families. Panasonic Water Dispensers offer a reliable solution to this need. They are available in different models. It’s have features like child safety locks and thermostat refrigerators. Which make them a great addition to your home. Let's explore the key aspects of Panasonic Water Dispensers to help you make an informed decision.

Types of Panasonic Water Dispensers

Panasonic offers two types of water dispensers, each catering to different needs. The single-tap model is perfect for daily activities, providing room-temperature water for your convenience. On the other hand, the multiple-tap models come in two variants – one with a two tap and another comes with three tap. All Panasonic dispensers feature a durable compressor from Danfoss, a reputable Swedish company known for producing long-lasting compressors. The sturdy structure and a one-year warranty ensure protection against defects.

Energy Saving Water Dispensers

For those seeking energy-efficient options, Panasonic Water Dispensers are a smart choice. They not only conserve energy but also require replacement parts only every few years. Available at reasonable prices with a warranty, they are a suitable choice for both home and office use. It's always a good idea to compare prices before making a decision to get the best deal.

Panasonic Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

Affordability is a key factor, and Panasonic Water Dispensers offer a range of options. The prices typically range from Rs. 64,500 to 70,500 online in Pakistan, with a one-year warranty making them a worthwhile investment. The installation and usage are straightforward, and the dispensers are known for their durability. Most models only require replacement once or twice in a lifetime, making them an economical choice. If you're on a budget, consider the Crystal Glass Door 3 tap dispenser, providing hot and cold water in a sleek design.


In summary, Panasonic Water Dispensers are a reliable, cost-effective, and stylish choice for homes in Pakistan. Known for their performance and quality components, these dispensers ensure your family stays hydrated with safe and clean water. Explore the range of Panasonic Water Dispensers at Japan Electronics and make a wise investment in your family's health.

 Models Price 
 Panasonic Water Dispenser WD-3238TG Rs.45,000
 Panasonic Water Dispenser WD-3320TG Rs.45,000
 Panasonic Water Dispenser WD-3128 Rs.54,000

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