ITEL LED 32" G3210BE (Android)

ITEL LED 32" G3210BE (Android)

Introducing the ITEL LED 32" G3210BE (Android) - a cutting-edge LED TV that brings innovative entertainment to your fingertips, all at an affordable price. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and...

ITEL LED 32" HD A324 A+ Panel (BASIC)

Discover the ITEL LED 32" A324 (BASIC), a fantastic LED TV that offers entertainment at an unbeatable price. This 32-inch LED TV is designed to captivate you with its stunning...
ITEL LED TV 43" G4310BE (Android)

ITEL LED TV 43" G4310BE (Android)

Introducing the ITEL LED TV 43" G4310BE, an exceptional blend of innovation and entertainment. Experience captivating visuals on the expansive 43-inch LED screen, boasting vibrant colors and sharp details that...

ITEL LED TV Price in Pakistan

The G3210BE ITEL Android Smart LED TV in Pakistan is a really good TV from ITEL. It's not just fancy but also very smart. The screen is 32 inches big, and when you watch stuff on it, it's super clear like HD quality. Perfect for enjoying movies or playing games at home.

Guess what? It even has Google Play, so you can download cool apps and stuff. And it's powered by Android 9.0, making it even smarter. Best part is, It doesn't cost a fortune!

The ITEL LED TV Price in Pakistan is Rs. 56,900 at japan electronics. You get all these features at an affordable price at Japan Electronics. So, it's like having a fancy, smart TV without breaking the bank.

ITEL A Series

The ITEL A Series TVs are really cool. They have a smooth, shiny metal body, and they come with a built-in stabilizer to stop any wobbling. Plus, they have Dolby Audio and top-notch A+ Grade panels that make the pictures look awesome.

Even though they don't cost a lot, these A Series LED TVs give you the best display quality in Pakistan. So, if you want a TV that shows great pictures but won't hurt your wallet, go for the A Series. It's a win-win!

ITEL G Series

The ITEL G Series Smart TVs are the way to go for your living room. They come with a 32-inch screen that shows everything in super clear HD. Plus, you get two HDMI inputs for connecting different things, and it even has Google Assistant to make things easy.

If you go for the 32-inch HD-ready model, it's got a built-in HDMI – super convenient. The Smart remote has Google Assistant voice control, so you can just speak to control your TV. And the cherry on top is the built-in Chromecast for streaming, making it even more awesome.

Stunning Frameless Design

The ITEL LED TVs G Series look really awesome – they have this cool design without any borders around the screen. Plus, the sound is great with powerful 20W speakers, making your TV time feel super real. It's like you're right there!

What's even cooler is that these TVs run on Android TV 10, so it's like having your phone on your TV. You can control it using your voice with Google Assistant. Also you can easily play all your favourite videos on the TV using the built-in Chromecast.

Now, if you're looking for something more affordable, the A Series Smart TVs are a good pick. They're slim and have a sleek metal body. Just like the G Series, they also have that borderless look. And there's a bonus – a USB media player right there, so you can easily watch your own stuff on the TV. It's like having all the cool features without spending a ton of money!

Now, if you have a small living room, the A Series Smart TVs from ITEL are perfect. They have a sleek metal body and a slim design, making them just right for cozy spaces. So, whether you go for the G Series or the A Series, you're getting a great TV for your living room.

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