Sony LED 65" 65X75K

Sony LED 65" 65X75K

Sony LED 65" 65X75K Specifications: BRAND:  Sony MODEL:  65X75K  SCREEN SIZE:  65"(64.6") DIMENSION OF TV WITH STAND (STANDARD POSITION) (W X H X D):  1243x790x291mm WEIGHT OF TV WITH STAND:...
Sony LED 55" 55X75AK

Sony LED 55" 55X75AK

Sony LED 55" 55X75AK  Specifications: BRAND:  Sony MODEL:  55X75AK  SCREEN SIZE:  55"(54.6") DIMENSION OF TV WITH STAND (STANDARD POSITION) (W X H X D):  1243x790x291mm WEIGHT OF TV WITH STAND:...
Sony LED 55" 55X77L

Sony LED 55" 55X77L

Sony LED 55" 55X77L Specifications: Brand:  Sony Model:  55X77L Screen Size: 55 Inches Resolution: 4K Supported Internet Services: Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount+, Netflix Display Technology: LED Product Dimensions:...
Sony LED 75" 75X80L

Sony LED 75" 75X80L

Sony LED 75" 75X80L Specifications: Brand:  Sony Model: X80L 4K  Screen Type: LED TVs Screen Size (Inches): 75 LED: Android LED Screen Resolution: 4K Ultra HD Resolution (Pixels): 3840 x...
Sony LED 55" 55X75K

Sony LED 55" 55X75K

Sony LED 55" 55X75K Specifications: BRAND:  Sony MODEL:  55X75K SCREEN SIZE: 55" (54.6") HDCP: HDCP 2.3 (for HDMI™ 1/2/3) USB DRIVE FORMAT SUPPORT: FAT16/FAT32/NTFS RF (TERRESTRIAL/CABLE) CONNECTION INPUT(S): 1 (Side)...

Sony LED TV Price in Pakistan June 2024

The Sony LED TV costs Rs. 85,500 in Pakistan, and on average, it's around Rs. 135,000. You can buy your preferred Sony LED TV from Japan Electronics. These latest Sony LED TVs come with cool features. Many run on the Android system, which has gotten better over time, making the TVs faster and easier to use. They have a bunch of apps and services, including Google Assistant and an option for Amazon Alexa. Plus, the TVs can connect with Chromecast, letting you share your stuff with other devices. 

Even though there are to buy a Sony LED TV from Japan Electronics at a good price, you should think about a few things before you decide.

Best Sony LED TV Deals 2024

Check out the Japan Electronics website for great deals on Sony LED TVs. We have a wide selection for you to choose from. Use our site to compare prices and find the best offers. Japan Electronics is the top place to buy a new LED TV in Pakistan, and you can also read reviews and comparisons on our website.

A Sony LED TV delivers impressive picture quality with deep black levels and accurate colors. It's a fantastic choice for your home with strong video capabilities and adaptability. The company offers two categories of LED TVs: one for award winners and the other for fully-featured LED TVs. Opting for an award-winning LED TV is a smart move, allowing you to compare products easily and choose the one with the best features.


Smart TVs are now using OLED technology, which is a big upgrade from traditional TVs. Among the top choices in this new tech is the Sony LED TV. Whether you want a large screen for your living room or a smaller one for the bedroom, a Sony LED TV is a fantastic option that will keep you entertained for hours. It's perfect for enjoying your favorite shows and movies without any interruptions.

Sony Smart Android TV

Sony LED TVs are popular and budget-friendly in Pakistan. They provide excellent picture quality and advanced audio features. Although they may have a higher price tag, the quality you get is worth the investment. These TVs stand out with top-notch upscaling capabilities, making them ideal for enjoying HD movies. Additionally, they support various Android applications and come in a variety of price ranges. If you're on the lookout for the best LED TV in Pakistan, Sony is a reliable choice.

 Models Price 
 Sony LED 55" 55X77L Rs. 225,000
 Sony LED 75" 75X80L Rs. 530,000 
 Sony LED 55" 55X75AK Rs. 235,000
 Sony LED 65" 65X75K Rs. 280,000
 Sony LED 55" 55X75K Rs. 275,000 


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