Samsung Dish Washer

Samsung Dish Washer DW-60M5070FS

Samsung Dish Washer DW-60M5070FS

Brand:  Samsung Model:  DW-60M5070FS Install Type:  Free Standing Size:  24 Control Type:  Front Button Color / Material:  STSS Display Light Color:  Ice Blue Washing Type:  Rotary Capacity (Place Setting):  14...
Samsung Dish Washer DW-60M5070FW

Samsung Dish Washer DW-60M5070FW

Samsung Dish Washer DW-60M5070FW Specifications: Brand:  Samsung Model:  DW-60M5070FW Install Type:  Freestanding Size:  24" Control Type:  Front button Color/Material:  White Display Light Color:  Ice blue Washing Type:  Rotary Capacity (Place...
Samsung Dish Washer  DW-60H6050FS (IN)

Samsung Dish Washer  DW-60H6050FS

Brand Samsung Model Number DW60H6050FS Finish Colour Stainless Steel Height (mm) 845 mm Width (mm) 598 mm Depth (mm) 600 mm Dishwasher type Freestanding Capacity Place Settings 14 P/S

Samsung Dishwasher Price in Pakistan – July 2024

Samsung Dishwasher price in Pakistan is Rs. 220, 000 while its average price is Rs. 320,000. You can get your favorite Samsung dishwasher from Japan Electronics. Get the amazing discounted rates and affordable prices on Samsung dishwasher in 2024.

Samsung Dishwasher 

We've all experienced the hassle of washing dishes, especially when we have to do it manually. That's where dishwashers come to the rescue. Samsung dishwashers can be a lifesaver, helping you save time and avoid the stress of handwashing. These machines are designed to clean your dishes using electricity.

Samsung uses top-notch materials to make them even more efficient. They offer various types of dishwashers with different features to suit your needs. With Samsung dishwashers, you can let the machine do the hard work at home, freeing you from the chore.

Samsung dishwashers save you money by using less water compared to other brands. They're hassle-free too because they clean themselves after each wash cycle, meaning no more dirty pots are left behind. With various models to choose from, Samsung makes it easy for you to find one that fits your household needs.

You can trust Samsung to deliver sparkling clean dishes while ensuring safety for both people and the environment, meeting European standards. Plus, Samsung is a reliable brand that backs its appliances, giving you peace of mind.

Features of Samsung Dishwasher

The Samsung dishwasher is advanced. It looks nice and has all the good stuff you'd want in a top-notch dishwasher, like stainless steel inside and outside, special coating on the spray arms to clean better, and other cool features. Plus, when you buy it, you get a bunch of extra features included.

Customizable Drawers: The dishwasher has two drawers that you can adjust to organize different types of silverware.

Cutlery Basket: There's a tall basket for cutlery that you can change to fit different types of utensils.

Platinum Coating: Wash arms have a platinum coating to easily remove food particles from dishes, preventing them from sticking after rinsing.

High-Temperature Wash: This dishwasher has a setting that washes dishes at high temperatures, killing off all microbes.

Aqua-Stop Leak Protection: It has Aqua-Stop, a system that stops the dishwasher if it detects leaks to prevent flooding.

Quiet Operation: The dishwasher runs quietly thanks to Samsung's Quiet Design, so you can use it anytime without worrying about noise.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: You can connect the dishwasher to Wi-Fi and monitor it using a smartphone app. Check cycle status, time left, or change modes remotely.

LED Displays: The dishwasher has easy-to-use digital controls with LED displays for programming.

Auto Release Door: After the cycle, the door opens automatically, improving drying performance.

Advantages of Samsung Dishwashers

A dishwasher is a really important thing to have in your kitchen. It saves you time, keeps your dishes safe, and makes cleaning them a breeze. Samsung dishwashers are especially cool because they have some awesome features that make them stand out from other brands. For example, they have something called Anti-Bacterial Protection, which kills almost all the germs in the dishwasher after each wash without needing any extra chemicals. This means your dishes come out cleaner and safer without harming the environment.

Samsung dishwashers are super popular because they're both modern and affordable. They're also really reliable, so you won't have to worry about them breaking down all the time. Plus, they're easy to set up yourself, even if you're dealing with limited space.

One of the neat things about Samsung dishwashers is that they help keep your dishes dry. They use less water than other dishwashers, so you won't have to deal with any flooding or soggy plates after a wash cycle.

Energy Efficient

Lots of people want to save money on their energy bills, so they're looking for great appliances that do the job well and don't cost too much. One option is the Samsung Dishwasher with Energy Efficient Setting. This dishwasher uses less water compared to others, which means you pay less for water each month. It cleans dishes well without needing lots of harsh chemicals, and it also uses less electricity, so your overall utility bills go down. Plus, it's been certified by ENERGY STAR, which means it's good for the environment too.

Samsung makes appliances that are designed to use energy efficiently. They use technology that meets the strict standards set by ENERGY STAR, and they're always trying to make their dishwashers even better at saving energy. Many Samsung dishwashers not only meet but go beyond ENERGY STAR's standards, consistently getting high scores. Since ENERGY STAR updates its criteria every year, you can be sure that Samsung dishwashers will keep being top-notch when it comes to saving energy.

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