Sharp Dish Washer

Sharp Dish Washer QW-V615 WH2

Sharp Dish Washer QW-V615 WH2

Brand:  Sharp Model:  QW-V615 WH2 Color Options:  White / Inox Place Setting:  15 Programs:  06 Spray Arms:  03 Racks:  03 Child Lock:  Yes Turbo Drying:  Yes Energy Efficiency:  A++ Water...

Sharp Dishwasher 

Sharp Dishwasher in Pakistan is a top company that makes modern dishwashers. They're famous for making high-quality machines that last a long time. Sharp is well-respected in the industry and known for its great service. If you get a Sharp dishwasher in Pakistan, you can expect it to have all the latest features, no matter what your budget is.

Different Types Of Dishwashers

Sharp Dishwasher in Pakistan sells different types of dishwashers to fit everyone's budget. They have electric, manual, and lower-rack dishwashers. The electric dishwasher has cool extras like a delayed start timer and a low battery light, so your dishes can get clean while you're away, and your food won't spoil. The lower racks even have extensions to wash pans after cooking and display cooked food easily.

Features of Sharp Dishwasher

Sharp dishwashers in Pakistan have the cool feature of a wet/dry cycle that does double duty. They use only half the usual amount of soap and offer a quick 50-minute cleaning option. The reduced soap amount keeps your dishes clean longer, and the speedy cycle ensures all soap residue is washed away, leaving your dishes sparkling clean.

One cool thing about Sharp Dishwashers in Pakistan is that they have a delay timer on the top load. This means you can start washing the bottom half first and then switch to the full load later. It's designed to prevent you from washing your dishes too much. When you open the top-loading door, a timer starts so you can clean the bottom half manually without restarting the whole cycle. You can set this timer for as short as ten minutes, so you don't have to wash your dishes more than once every twenty minutes or so.

The Sharp Dishwasher in Pakistan is built to be really good quality. It's not just about cleaning dishes; it's also designed to keep kids safe and entertained. The delay timer is there to stop kids from holding onto the top door and getting scared. Plus, the two-way spin brush and the locked lid feature are extra ways to keep your family safe.

Sharp Dishwasher Price in Pakistan – June 2024

Sharp dishwasher Prices in Pakistan start at Rs. 140,000, and the average price is Rs. 165,000. You can buy your favorite dishwasher from Japan Electronics at affordable prices. The Best part is that Japan Electronics offers home delivery nationwide and free delivery services in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

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