Nasgas Air Cooler

Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9824

Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9824

The Nasgas NAC-9824 is an air cooler that saves energy, cutting down on electricity use by up to 30%. It's built with waterproof wiring and sturdy materials for safety and...
Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9800

Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9800

Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9800 Specifications: Brand:  Nasgas Model:  NAC-9800 Tank Capacity: 60 Liters Ice Box Capacity: 3 Bottles Power Consumption: 240watts-260 watts Air Deflection: Four Ways Dimensions: W: 26″...
Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-2300 (Tower)

Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-2300 (Tower)

Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-2300 (Tower) The Nasgas NAC-2300 Tower Air Cooler is a modern cooling device that's easy to control with a remote and has a timer for up to...
Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9400

Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9400

Stay cool and beat the heat with the Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9400. This powerful room air cooler is perfect for keeping medium to large spaces refreshingly cool during scorching...
Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9400 (Copper)

Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9400 (Copper)

Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9400 (Copper) The Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9400 (Copper) is a highly efficient and stylish cooler. It has a 60-liter water tank and an ice box that...

NasGas Room Air Cooler Price in Pakistan - July 2024

If you are in search of an air cooler to stay comfortable for hours, we recommend you NasGas Room Air Cooler for your room. NasGas Room Air Cooler Price in Pakistan is Rs. 25,000, while the average price of Nasgas Air Cooler is Rs. 32,500. Japan Electronics offers affordable and up-to-date prices. Also, provides you with a handy buying guide to make an informed decision. Stay With us to get a deep in-depth knowledge of the product to get the best option for you.

NasGas Air Cooler Features

In Pakistan, various brands make air coolers in various sizes and capacities. Each room cooler is unique, but they all work by making cool air with a big fan. This method doesn't use much electricity, so it's a good option for homes and offices. The NasGas Room Cooler small size Price is Rs. 20,000 in Pakistan. If you're on a budget and want an even cheaper option, check out Japan Electronics for great discounts.

It's easy to set up and works well in any room. The cool air it makes will keep you comfortable for hours. It's portable, so you can move it from one room to another.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Nasgas Air Cooler

 Before you buy a NasGas air cooler, think about these things:

  • Room Size: Make sure the air cooler is right for the size of your room. Different coolers work better for different room sizes.
  • Easy to Move: Check if it's easy to move around, especially if you want to use it in different rooms. Wheels and a light design can help.
  • Water Tank Size: See how much water it holds. A bigger tank might mean you don't have to fill it up as often, especially if you use it a lot.
  • Uses less Power: Check if it uses electricity wisely. Look for ones that don't use too much power to save on energy costs.
  • Extra Features: See if it has cool extra features like different fan speeds, moving side to side, or a remote control. These can make it more convenient and work better.
  • Not Too Noisy: Check if it's quiet, especially if you want to use it in a bedroom or office. Quieter ones are better for a calm environment.
  • Brand Reputation: Check what people say about NasGas and their air coolers. Make sure they're good and reliable.
  • Price: Decide how much you want to spend and compare prices. Look for any deals or discounts.

Considering these points will help you pick the best NasGas air cooler for you.

 Models Price (Approximately) 
 Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9400 (Copper)  Rs. 24,900
 Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9800  Rs. 25,070
 Nasgas Air Cooler NAC-9800 (Copper)  Rs. 25,000
 Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9824  Rs. 23,000
 Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9400  Rs. 22,900
 Nasgas Room Air Cooler NAC-9500  Rs. 22,450

Note: Please note that our prices are for informational purposes only and are approximate; they may not reflect the exact current prices. For current prices, please check the product page.

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