Royal Air Cooler

Royal Room Cooler RAC-5700 (White Grey)

Royal Room Cooler RAC-5700 (White Grey)

Royal Room Cooler RAC-5700 (White Grey) The Royal RAC - 5700 air cooler is a stylish and effective cooling solution for your home or office. It has a powerful 500mm...
Royal Fans Room Air Cooler RAC-4700 (White Black)

Royal Fans Room Air Cooler RAC-4700 (White Black)

Royal Fans Room Air Cooler RAC-4700 (White Black) The Royal Fans RAC-4700 is an efficient and stylish air cooler designed in a sleek white and black colour scheme. It features a...
Royal Room Cooler RAC-4700 DC

Royal Room Cooler RAC-4700 DC

Royal Room Cooler RAC-4700 DC The Royal RAC-4700 DC Room Cooler is a dependable cooling option for your space. It comes in a stylish white and black design, blending well...
Royal Room Cooler RAC-4700 (White Grey)

Royal Room Cooler RAC-4700 (White Grey)

Royal Room Cooler RAC-4700 (White Grey) The Royal RAC-4700 is a reliable air cooler equipped with a 60-litre water tank, ensuring continuous cooling for your space. Its sleek design in...

Royal Air Cooler Price in Pakistan – June 2024

Price of Royal Air Cooler is Rs. 25,000 and its average price is Rs. 28,000. Get your Favorite Royal Air Coolers from Japan Electronics at affordable Prices and enjoy the comfort of life in this summer.

Royal Air Coolers emerge as the ideal solution, offering a blend of efficiency, style, and eco-friendliness. Royal Air Coolers utilize advanced cooling technology to provide a refreshing breeze in any space. These coolers operate by drawing warm air through water-saturated cooling pads, transforming it into cool, moist air through the process of evaporation. With user-friendly controls and sleek designs, Royal Air Coolers seamlessly integrate into any environment.

Features of Royal Air Cooler

Here are the Following Features of Royal Air Cooler:

Energy Efficiency:

Royal Air Coolers are known for their energy-efficient design, consuming significantly less power compared to traditional air conditioning units. This not only helps reduce electricity bills but also contributes to a greener environment.


Designed for convenience, Royal Air Coolers are often portable, allowing users to move them effortlessly from one room to another. This flexibility ensures that you can enjoy cool comfort wherever you go.

Low Maintenance:

With minimal components and straightforward maintenance requirements, Royal Air Coolers stand out for their user-friendly nature. Regular cleaning of cooling pads and occasional water tank refills are all that are needed to keep the unit operating at peak performance.

Benefits of Choosing Royal Air Coolers

Cost-Effective Cooling:

Royal Air Coolers offer an affordable cooling alternative to traditional air conditioners. The initial investment is lower, and operating costs are minimal, making them an economical choice for individuals and families.

Environmentally Friendly:

By relying on the natural process of evaporation, Royal Air Coolers consume less energy and use no harmful refrigerants, making them environmentally friendly. Reduce your carbon footprint while staying cool.

Healthier Air Quality:

Unlike air conditioners that recirculate the same air, Royal Air Coolers continually bring in fresh air from the outside. This constant circulation helps improve indoor air quality, reducing the risk of airborne pollutants and allergens.

Get Maximum from Your Royal Air Cooler

  • Position your Royal Air Cooler near an open window or door to ensure a continuous flow of fresh air. This maximizes the cooling effect and enhances overall efficiency.
  • Stay proactive in maintaining your cooler by cleaning the cooling pads and ensuring the water tank is free from debris. This not only prolongs the life of your Royal Air Cooler but also ensures consistent performance.
  • Use clean, cool water in your Royal Air Cooler for optimal results. Adding ice to the water tank can further enhance the cooling effect, providing a refreshing experience during the hottest days.

Last Words

Royal Air Coolers offer a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and efficient cooling solution for those seeking respite from the summer heat. With their user-friendly design and numerous benefits, these coolers are not just appliances but gateways to a cooler, healthier living space. Invest in comfort and make Royal Air Coolers your oasis in the heat.

 Models Price 
 Royal Room Cooler RAC-4700 (White Grey)  Rs. 21,500
 Royal Fans Room Air Cooler RAC-4700 (White Black)  Rs. 21,500

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