Homage Microwave Oven

Homage Microwave Oven HDSO-620SB

Homage Microwave Oven HDSO-620SB

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Homage Microwave Oven HDG-451S

Homage Microwave Oven HDG-451S

Brand:                                         Homage Model:                 ...

Homage Microwave Oven Price in Pakistan

The 62-liter Homage Microwave Oven is the cheapest one in the Homage collection. It's tough, has a quick 30-second start button, and has lots of features for a low cost. It is good for big families; both adults and kids can use it. It lasts a long time with its stainless steel inside and sturdy rock support. Easy to clean with a glass turntable. 

Homage Microwave Oven Price in Pakistan is Rs. 51,900. You can get great deals on the Homage Microwave Oven at Japan Electronics. Check out at stores and online to grab amazing discounted prices.

A Smart Purchase for Kitchen

The Homage Microwave Oven is a great addition to your kitchen. It's easy to use with a stylish stainless-steel design. Some models even have a clock timer and power level display. The HDGI-2811S 900W inverter model is powerful, energy-efficient, and quiet. Plus, it comes with a handy grill feature. 

Prepare Meals Quickly and Easily

Homage Microwave Oven started in 2007 and now has service centers all over Pakistan. They're into eco-friendly products and keep growing in the market. These microwaves make cooking a breeze – quick, easy, and versatile. Use them for cooking, defrosting, baking, and more. They work well with glassware, aluminum, and dinnerware.

The Homage Microwave Oven is a handy tool for baking, defrosting, and cooking. It has an easy auto menu for effortless meals. Just use it wisely, and it'll meet your needs. With various models available, you'll find one that fits your requirements.

Homage Microwave Oven comes with 700-watt power, five micropower levels, and an easy-to-open glass door. You can choose between a 20-liter version and one with a grill, depending on your food size. The grilling option includes a defrost setting, and easytronic controls make it simple to use. Different sizes and functions are available, like the Classic Microwave Oven with 5 power levels and a large glass turntable. The Microwave Oven with Grill has a defrost cycle and easytronic controls for convenient operation.
Homage Microwave Oven HDSO-620SB

Homage Microwave Oven HDG-451S

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