Dawlance Washing Machine DW 7500 GD



Introducing the Dawlance Washing Machine DW 7500 GD, your trusted laundry companion designed to make your washing experience seamless and efficient. This top-of-the-line Washing Machine by Dawlance combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features to give you the best results.

With its advanced washing capabilities, the DW 7500 GD ensures a thorough and gentle cleaning for your clothes, maintaining their quality for longer. Its spacious drum allows you to wash more clothes in a single load, saving time and energy.

Experience the perfect blend of performance and affordability with the Dawlance Washing Machine price. Upgrade your laundry routine and enjoy hassle-free washing with the DW 7500 GD. Say goodbye to the days of hand washing and hello to a new era of convenience and cleanliness. Take advantage of this essential household appliance!

Dawlance Washing Machine DW 7500 GD Specifications:

  • Brand:  Dawlance
  • Model:  DW 7500 GD
  • Voltage:  220V
  • Frequency:  50Hz
  • Width:  87.5cm
  • Depth:  49cm
  • Height:  99cm
  • Weight:  26kg
  • Deep Waterfall Wash:  Yes
  • Shower Rinse:  Yes
  • Spinner:  Yes
  • Water Inlets:  02

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