Super Asia Electric Geyser 10 Gallon EH-610



Introducing the Super Asia Electric Geyser 10 Gallon EH-610, a compact and efficient hot water solution for your home. This electric geyser is designed to provide consistent and reliable heating. With its 10-gallon capacity, it ensures a sufficient supply of hot water for your daily needs.

The EH-610 from Super Asia combines sleek design with efficient performance, allowing for quick heating and optimal energy usage. Experience the convenience and reliability of this electric geyser, designed to meet the demands of modern households seeking an energy-efficient and space-saving hot water solution. 

Trust Super Asia to deliver quality and performance with their range of electric geysers, providing a comfortable and reliable hot water experience for your home.

Super Asia Electric Geyser 10 Gallon EH-610 Specifications:

  • Brand:  Super Asia
  • Model:  EH-610
  • Thermostat:  Energy-Saving Through the Imported Thermostat
  • Pipe:  Long Lasting Durability due to IIL Brand GI Pipe
  • Water Tank:  Rust Proof Water Tank made of Imported Galvanized Sheet
  • Red Oxide Coating:  For Enhanced  Rust Protection
  • Powder Coating Gives Rust Protection & Act as a Weather Shield:  Yes
  • Insulation:  Imported Glass Wool Insulation Keeps Water Hotter for Longer
  • Tank Capacity:  10 Gallons
  • Net Weight:  20kg
  • Gross Weight:  22kg
  • Dimensions:  Diameter: 280mm,  Height: 510mm

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