Nasgas Electric Geyser DE-15



Introducing the NASGAS Electric Geyser DE-15 with a spacious capacity of 70 liters, this reliable electric geyser is designed to meet all your hot water needs. Say goodbye to cold showers and enjoy the luxury of a consistent and continuous hot water supply. 

The NASGAS Electric Geyser DE-15 has advanced heating technology, ensuring quick and efficient water heating while saving energy. With its user-friendly controls, you can easily adjust the temperature to your preference. Upgrade your bathroom with this high-quality electric geyser that combines performance, durability, and convenience. 

Experience the comfort of a warm shower with the DE-15, and make every day a refreshing experience.

NASGAS Electric Geyser DE-15 70 Ltrs Specifications:

  • Brand:  Nasgas
  • Model:  DE-15
  • Power:  1500W Imported Steel Element
  • Rotary Thermostat:  Yes
  • Anti Scaling Rod:  Yes
  • Tank:  Heavy Guage Galvanized Tank
  • Insulation:  Special Glass Wool Insulation
  • Best Quality Heating Element:  Yes
  • IIL Transmission Pipe & X-Ray Welding:  Yes
  • Capacity:  Heating Capacity 15 Gallons Per Hour
  • Safety Valve & Gauge Meter:  Yes

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