Cherry Room Air Cooler

Cherry Room Air Cooler CR-4200 AC

Cherry Room Air Cooler CR-4200 AC

Cherry Room Air Cooler CR-4200 AC Specifications: Brand: Cherry Model: CR-4200 Size: Medium Tank Size: 90 Liters Net Weight: 24.4 kg Gross Weight: 27.2 kg Control Penal: 3 Knob Auto Swing:...
Cherry Room Air Cooler CR-5000 AC

Cherry Room Air Cooler CR-5000 AC

Cherry Room Air Cooler CR-5000 AC The Cherry CR-5000 is a large air cooler with a 90-litre water tank, perfect for long-lasting cooling. It weighs 27.7 kg net and 31.6...
Cherry Room Air Cooler CR-5100 AC

Cherry Room Air Cooler CR-5100 AC

Cherry Room Air Cooler CR-5100 AC The Cherry CR-5100 is a large air cooler with an 80-liter water tank, perfect for cooling big rooms. It weighs 28.3 kg net and...

Best Cherry Air Cooler Price In Pakistan In 2024

An air cooler is a device that helps cool down a room by blowing air through water-soaked pads. It adds moisture to the air, making it more comfortable in dry, hot weather. Air coolers are energy-efficient and can be a cost-effective alternative to air conditioners. They are portable and easy to use, often featuring adjustable settings and a water tank that you need to refill regularly.

Best Cherry Air Cooler

The Cherry Air Cooler helps cool your room by circulating air through water. It is designed to make the air feel fresher and more comfortable on hot days. This cooler is a practical way to beat the heat and enjoy a more pleasant indoor environment. It is a user-friendly solution for staying cool in dry, warm weather.

Here are some features of the Cherry air cooler:

Auto Swing: Auto swing lets the cooler's front vents move side to side automatically. This spreads cool air evenly throughout the room, making it more comfortable everywhere.

Ice Box Capacity: Icebox capacity is the amount of ice the cooler can hold. Adding ice helps make the air even cooler, improving the cooling effect.

Top Loading Box: The top loading box is where you add water and ice from the top of the cooler. This makes refilling easy and convenient.

Up-Down Movement: Up-down movement means the cooler's vents can move up and down. This helps you direct the cool air exactly where you want it.

Thermal Overload Protection: Thermal overload protection is a safety feature that stops the cooler if it gets too hot. This protects the motor from damage and keeps you safe.

Fan Speed: Fan speed refers to the different speed settings you can choose. These settings let you control how fast the fan blows air, so you can adjust the cooling to your liking.

Fan Type: This means the cooler has a fan with five specially designed plastic blades. This design helps the fan move air efficiently and quietly.

Honeycomb Cooling Media: Honeycomb cooling media is a type of cooling pad with a honeycomb pattern. This design helps cool the air better as it passes through the wet pads.

 Models Price 
Cherry Room Air Cooler CR-5100 AC  Rs. 28,500 
Cherry Room Air Cooler CR-5000 AC  Rs. 26,500

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