Top Kenwood Refrigerator Price in Pakistan 2024

Top Kenwood Refrigerator Price in Pakistan 2024

In Pakistan, Kenwood is a brand people trust for refrigerators. They're known for making good-quality fridges that save energy. Kenwood has lots of different types of fridges to choose from, so there's something for everyone.

Kenwood makes sure their fridges are up to international standards, so you can trust that they're good quality. They care about saving energy too, which is good for the environment and your wallet. No matter what kind of fridge you need, Kenwood has options that will work for you.

Best Kenwood Refrigerator in Pakistan

Kenwood is proud to offer lots of choices when it comes to refrigerators. They make sure there's something for everyone, no matter how much you want to spend or what you need. They focus on making fridges that are affordable and don't use too much energy. Kenwood organizes its refrigerators into five different groups, each with its own special features and advantages.

Kenwood Refrigerator Series

New Persona Plus Glass Door Series
New Classic Plus VCM Series
Invertech Glass Door Series
Inverter VCM Series
Sapphire Glass Door Series

    1.   New Persona Plus Glass Door Series:

    These are double-door kenwood refrigerators that come in different colors to match any kitchen style. They're made to save energy, using up to 35% less power than regular fridges. This makes them a great choice for people who want to save money on their electricity bills.

     Kenwood Refrigerator Krf-26657/480-L New Bkg Persona Plus  Rs. 117.000
     Kenwood Refrigerator Krf-25557/400-L MRG New Persona Plus  Rs. 109.000
     Kenwood Refrigerator Krf-26657/480-L New Gng Persona Plus  Rs. 117,000
     Kenwood Refrigerator Krf-24457/320-L BKG New Persona Plus  Rs. 96,000

    2.   New Classic Plus VCM Series:

    These fridges have curved or rounded edges for a more modern look. They're similar to the Persona Plus series in terms of energy efficiency and storage space.

     Kenwood Ref Krf-26657/480-L (VCM) GDN New Classic Plus  Rs. 98,000
     Kenwood Ref Krf-26657/480-L (VCM) BRN New Classic Plus  Rs. 98,000
     Kenwood Ref Krf-23357/280-L (VCM) GDN New Classic Plus  Rs. 72,000
     Kenwood Refrigerator Krf-24457 (VCM) BRN NEW CLASSIC PLUS (320-L)  Rs. 80,000

    3.   Invertech Glass Door Series:

    If you want to save even more energy, this series is for you. These double-door fridges can save up to 60% on energy costs, which is good for the environment and your wallet in the long run.

     Kenwood Refrigerator Krf-Invertech-25557/400-L (GD) MRG  Rs. 117,000
     Kenwood Refrigerator Krf-Invertech-24457/320-L (GD) Mirror  Rs. 107,000
     Kenwood Refrigerator Krf-Invertech-26657/480-L (GD) Mirror  Rs. 126,000
     Kenwood Refrigerator Krf-Invertech-26657/480-L (GD) MRG  Rs. 126,000

    4.   Inverter VCM Series:

    This series offers just one option with an inverter compressor. It's designed to be super energy efficient, saving up to 60% compared to other models. So, if you want a reliable fridge that won't cost you much to run, this could be the one for you. 

     Kenwood Ref Krf-Inverter 24457/320-L (VCM) Pearl Blue  Rs. 90,000

    5.   Sapphire Glass Door Series:

    These fridges combine energy efficiency with a cool design. They have a sleek digital glass print finish that adds a touch of modern style to any kitchen.

    What Each Series Offers

    Each series of Kenwood refrigerators has its special features to suit different people's tastes. Whether you're looking for ways to save energy or you want a fridge that looks stylish, Kenwood has you covered. They make sure all their fridges are top quality and work well, no matter which one you choose.

    Best Kenwood Refrigerator Prices at Japan Electronics

    If you want the best Kenwood refrigerators in Pakistan, check out Japan Electronics. They're committed to giving you fair prices and making sure you're happy with your purchase. Visit their website today to see all the Kenwood refrigerators they have and find the one that's right for your kitchen.


    To sum it up, Kenwood refrigerators are top-notch when it comes to quality, style, and energy efficiency in Pakistan. With so many options available across different series, Kenwood has something for everyone. If you're looking for a reliable place to buy one at a good price, check out Japan Electronics. They've got you covered for all your Kenwood refrigerator needs. With Kenwood, you not only get fresh food but also save money in the long term.


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