Waves Deep Freezer WINDFT-315 Inverter



Introducing the Waves Deep Freezer WINDFT-315 Inverter, your perfect freezing solution! This cutting-edge freezer by Waves combines advanced technology with energy-efficient inverter technology, ensuring optimal cooling performance while saving on power consumption.

With its generous capacity, the WavesFreezer WINDFT-315 provides ample space to conveniently store all your frozen goods. It caters to all your freezing needs effortlessly, from frozen foods to ice.

Rest assured of its durability and reliability, as Waves is a trusted brand known for its quality products. Discover Pakistan's best Waves freezer prices and make this appliance a valuable addition to your home. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of freezing with the Waves Deep Freezer WINDFT-315 Inverter. Order yours now and experience the difference!

Waves Deep Freezer WINDFT-315 InverterSpecifications:

  • Brand:  Waves
  • Model:  WINDFT-315
  • Fast Cooling:  Yes
  • EMBO Sheet:  Rust Free EMBO Sheet
  • Coiling:  Copper Coiling
  • Hinges:  Strong Hinges
  • Body:  Thick Insulated Body
  • Backup System:  Eutectic Backup System
  • Refrigerant Gas:  R134A
  • Capacity:  15CFT
  • CFC Free:  Yes
  • Technology:  Inverter Technology

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