Waves Deep Freezer WINDF-315 Inverter



Introducing the Waves Deep Freezer WINDF-315 Inverter, your ideal freezing solution! This cutting-edge freezer by Waves offers a perfect blend of advanced technology and energy efficiency with its innovative inverter technology, providing optimal cooling performance while minimizing power consumption.

With its generous capacity, the Waves Deep Freezer WINDF-315 easily accommodates all your frozen essentials, be it frozen foods or ice creams.

Trust in Waves' reputation for reliability and quality, and explore Pakistan's best Waves freezer prices. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of freezing with the Waves Freezer WINDF-315 Inverter. Upgrade your freezing experience today - order now and enjoy hassle-free preservation of your favourite foods.

Waves Deep Freezer WINDF-315 Inverter Specifications:

  • Brand:  Waves
  • Model:  WINDF-315
  • EMBO Sheet:  Rust Free EMBO Sheet
  • Technology:  Inverter Technology
  • Fast Cooling System:  Yes
  • Body:  Thick Insulated Body
  • Hinges:  Strong Hinges
  • Single Door:  Yes
  • Coiling:  Durable Copper coiling
  • Capacity:  15 CFT
  • Weight:  90 kg

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