Waves Deep Freezer WINDF-313 Inverter



Meet the Waves Deep Freezer WINDF-313 Inverter, your ultimate freezing companion! This state-of-the-art freezer from Waves combines innovative inverter technology with exceptional cooling performance, ensuring efficient freezing while consuming minimal energy.

Designed to cater to all your freezing needs, the Waves Deep Freezer WINDF-313 offers ample storage space for frozen foods, ice creams, and more. Its user-friendly features and reliable build make it a valuable addition to any home.

As a trusted brand, Waves delivers top-notch quality, and you can find the best Waves freezer prices in Pakistan. Say goodbye to freezer space constraints and welcome the convenience of the Waves FreezerWINDF-313 Inverter. Don't miss out on this fantastic appliance - order yours now and experience hassle-free freezing like never before!

Waves Deep Freezer WINDF-313 Inverter Specifications:

  • Brand:  Waves
  • Model:  WINDF-313
  • Advanced Technology:  Yes
  • Large Capacity Storage:  Yes
  • Rust Free Material:  Yes
  • Fast Freeze System:  Yes
  • Body:  Thick Insulated Body
  • Anti-Fungal Gasket:  Yes
  • Adjustable Food Basket:  Yes
  • ECO Friendly:   Yes
  • Capacity:  13 CFT
  • Super Fast Cooling:  Yes
  • Innovation in Product Design:  Yes
  • Outstanding Performance:  Yes
  • Refrigerant Pipe:  Copper Pipe

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