TCL Split Air Conditioner 2 Ton Inverter TAC-24HEA



Discover the TCL Split Air Conditioner 2 Ton Inverter TAC-24HEA – the epitome of efficient and powerful cooling. This advanced Air Conditioner inverter by TCL is designed to provide superior cooling performance with energy-saving capabilities.

With its state-of-the-art AC inverter technology, the TCL inverter AC optimizes energy consumption, ensuring reduced electricity bills while maintaining optimal cooling comfort. Enjoy a serene and peaceful environment with its whisper-quiet operation, allowing you to relax and unwind without disruptions.

Upgrade your cooling experience with the reliable Air Conditioner inverter TCL. Embrace the power, innovation, and reliability this 2 Ton inverter AC brings to your space. Stay cool, comfortable, and eco-friendly with TCL's trusted inverter AC technology, promising you a refreshing and delightful cooling experience every time.

TCL Split Air Conditioner 2 Ton Inverter TAC-24HEA Specifictions:

  • Brand:  TCL
  • Model:  TAC-24HEA
  • Capacity in Tons:  2.0 Ton
  • Fixed or Inverter:  DC Inverter
  • Type:  Wall Mount
  • Cooling Capacity BTU:  24000
  • Heating Capacity BTU:  24000
  • Power Input (W)-Cooling:  300~2500
  • Power Input (W)-Heating:  350~2500
  • Running Current (A)-Cooling:  1.7~12.0
  • Running Current (A)-Heating:  1.7~13
  • EER (W/W):  3.27
  • Color:  White
  • Display:  Hidden LED
  • Smart Memory:  Yes
  • Smart Learning:  I-Feel
  • Refrigerant Gas:  R410A
  • ID Dimension (WxDxH):  1010x315x220 mm
  • OU Dimension (WxDxH):  920x380x899 mm
  • Indoor Net Weight:  13 kg
  • Outdoor Net Weight:  42 kg
  • Rated Voltage:  220-240V
  • Rated Frequency:  50Hz
  • Filter Clearing Reminder:  Yes
  • Leakage Detection:  Yes
  • Indoor Noise [dB(A)]:  47
  • Outdoor Noise [dB(A)]:  55

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