Super Asia Room Air Cooler ECM-5500 Plus

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Best Price Guaranteed


Super Asia Room Air Cooler ECM-5500 Plus Specifications:

  • Brand:  Super Asia
  • Model:   ECM-5500 Plus
  • Top loading cooling box:  Yes
  • Ice Packs:  6 Free Re-Freezable ICE packs for extra cooling
  • Powerful Air Flow:  Yes
  • Cooling Efficiency:  Yes
  • Motor:  Powerful & energy efficient motor
  • Cooling Pads:  High efficiency anti-bacterial three sides honeycomb evaporative pad for optimum cooling
  • Air Throw:  Powerful air throw with auto swing for uniform cooling in the room
  • Fan based cooling for efficient circulation of air:  Yes
  • Air Flow Speed:  Two speed fan control to adjust air flow according to the requirement
  • Body:  Shock & rust proof plastic body
  • Large water tank capacity for longer cooling:  Yes
  • Water Tank Capacity:  60 liters
  • Maintain continuous water supply system with float valve:  Yes

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