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Super Asia Room Air Cooler ECM-4500 Plus

Super Asia Room Air Cooler ECM-4500 Plus

The Super Asia Room Air Cooler ECM-4500 Plus price in Pakistan is Rs.24,800.00, updated on June 25, 2024.

Vendor: Super Asia
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Super Asia Room Air Cooler ECM-4500 Plus

The Super Asia ECM-4500 Plus is a smart choice for staying cool on hot days. It's got a top-loading cooling box and includes ice packs for extra chill. With its powerful air throw, it can spread cool air across the room easily.

This cooler is designed to be energy-efficient, thanks to its efficient motor and cooling pads. It also has features like auto swing and turbo fan technology for faster cooling. Plus, it's easy to control with two speed settings and has a system restore function.

Made with a sturdy outer body, it can handle bumps and knocks without any issues. And with four-way mobility, you can move it around your space effortlessly.


Brand:  Super Asia
Model:  ECM-4500 Plus
Top Loading Cooling Box:  Yes
Ice Packs:  Yes
Air Throw:  Powerful Air Throw
Motor:  Energy Efficient (Powerful Energy Efficient Motor)
Cooling PADS:  High Efficiency Cooling PADS
Auto Swing:  Yes
Turbo Fan Technology:  Yes
System Restore Function:  Yes
Speed Control:  2 Speed Control
Body:  Strong outer Body (Shock Rust Proof Plastic Body)
Tank Capacity:  Large Tank Capacity
Continuous Water Supply:  Yes
Mobility:  4 Way Mobility


Does this cooler come with ice packs?
Yes, it includes ice packs for extra cooling when needed.

How far can the cool air reach?
The cooler has a powerful air throw, so it can reach every corner of the room easily.

Is it easy to move around?
Yes, it has four-way mobility, making it easy to move from one place to another.

Can I control the speed of the fan?
Yes, it has two-speed control for adjusting the airflow according to your preference.

Does it have a continuous water supply?

Yes, it can be connected to a continuous water supply for uninterrupted cooling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ali Asghar

So good ,using it at home

Alyan Asif
Top-notch cooling performance

I recently purchased a room air cooler from Japan Electronics and am extremely satisfied with its performance. The quality is top-notch, and it cools the room quickly and efficiently. It is affordable and offers features and durability as compared to more expensive models. I strongly suggest considering this air cooler From Japan Electronics if you are looking for an effective and budget-friendly cooling solution.

Hamza Ali
Best Quality room cooler

This air cooler has been a blessing for me during the summer. I purchased it from Japan Electronics. Its large water tank means we don't have to refill it frequently, and it keeps us cool all day." Greatly recommended.