Super Asia Electric Geyser 80 Ltr MEH-80 Mega Series



Introducing the Super Asia Electric Geyser 80 Ltr MEH-80 Mega Series, the perfect choice for instant hot water in your home. This electric geyser combines efficiency and reliability, ensuring a constant hot water supply whenever needed. With its generous 80-litre capacity, it caters to the needs of your entire household. 

The Super Asia Electric Geyser boasts a sleek design that seamlessly blends into any bathroom decor. Its advanced heating technology guarantees instant hot water, eliminating the wait time. Upgrade your bathing experience with the Super Asia Electric Geyser and enjoy the convenience and luxury of instant hot water at your fingertips.

Super Asia Electric Geyser 80 Ltr MEH-80 Mega Series Specifications:

  • Brand:  Super Asia
  • Model:  MEH-80
  • Series:  Mega Series
  • Product Type:  Semi Instant Electric Geyser
  • Temperature Guage:  Yes
  • Anode:  Thicker Magnesium Anode
  • Anti Dry Heating Protection:  Yes
  • Over Heat Protection:  Yes
  • Valve:  Safety Valve
  • Tank:  Sapphire Enamel Tank
  • Heating Element:  Enamel Coated Heating Element
  • Overall Polyurethane Foam:  Yes
  • ELCB Protection:  Yes
  • Water Proof Grade:  IPX4
  • Earthing Protection:  Yes
  • Heating Capacity:  80L

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