Super Asia Electric Geyser 14 Gallon EH-614



Introducing the Super Asia Electric Geyser 14 Gallon EH-614, the perfect solution for your hot water needs. This efficient and reliable electric geyser ensures a steady hot water supply whenever needed. Its capacity of 14 gallons provides ample hot water for your daily activities. 

The Super Asia Electric Geyser is designed with advanced heating technology to heat water, quickly saving you time and energy. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy temperature control, ensuring the perfect hot water temperature every time. 

Say goodbye to cold showers and enjoy the constant hot water supply with the Super Asia Electric Geyser. Upgrade your bathroom with this high-quality electric geyser today.

Super Asia Electric Geyser 14 Gallon EH-614 Specifications:

  • Brand:  Super Asia
  • Model:  EH-614
  • Tank Capacity:  14 Gallons
  • Body:  Metal Body
  • Thermostat:   Imported Thermostat (Energy Saving)
  • Pipe:  3 Brand GI Pipe (Long Lasting Durability)
  • Water Tank:  Imported Galvanized Sheet (Rustproof Water Tank)
  • Leakage Proof (X-Ray Welding):  Yes
  • Red Oxide Coating (Enhanced Rust Protection):  Yes
  • Powder Coating (Acts as Weather Shield):  Yes
  • Insulation:  Imported Glass Wall Insulation
  • Power Consumption:  2000W

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