Super Asia Electric & Gas Geyser 20 Gallon (GEH-720) AI



Introducing the Super Asia Electric & Gas Geyser 20 Gallon (GEH-720) AI, a versatile hot water solution for your home. This geyser offers the convenience of dual gas and electric functionality, allowing you to choose the energy source that suits your needs. 

Whether you prefer the simplicity of electricity or the cost-effectiveness of gas, this geyser has you covered. With its 20-gallon capacity, it provides an ample supply of hot water for your everyday needs. The GEH-720 AI combines advanced technology with reliable performance, ensuring quick and efficient heating. 

Experience the convenience and flexibility of this Super Asia geyser, designed to meet the demands of modern households seeking a dual gas and electric heating solution.

Super Asia Electric & Gas Geyser 20 Gallon (GEH-720) AI Specifications:

  • Brand:  Super Asia
  • Model:  GEH-720 AI
  • Gas Thermostat:  Dual Safety Gas Thermostat with Auto Ignition
  • Heating Element:  Fast Heating Italian Element
  • Pipe:  Durable IIL Brand GI Pipe
  • Electric Thermostat:  Reliable & Durable Italian Electric Thermostat
  • Ignition Technology:  Auto Ignition Technology with Enhanced Safety
  • Leakage Proof X-Ray Welding:  Yes
  • Coating Paint:  Weather Shield Polyester Powder Coating Paint
  • Energy Saver:  Imported Glass Wool Insulation Save Energy upto 20%
  • Water Tank:  SWG 14 Galvanized Sheet Rust Proof Water Tank with Zink Coating
  • Net Weight:  42kg

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