Sharp Air Fryer (AF-70RT-S3)



Introducing the Sharp Air Fryer (AF-70RT-S3), a cutting-edge kitchen essential that brings healthier and tastier meals to your table! With the latest "Air Fryer Sharp" technology, this appliance lets you savour your favorite dishes with significantly less oil, promising crispy and delicious results. 

The sleek and compact design of the "Air Fryer" ensures it seamlessly complements any kitchen decor while saving valuable space. Its user-friendly interface and multiple cooking presets make it a breeze for anyone to cook like a pro. 

Embrace a healthier lifestyle with the efficient "Sharp Air Fryer" that guarantees mouthwatering dishes without the guilt. Upgrade your culinary experience today with the robust and reliable "Air Fryer" from Sharp, setting new standards in home cooking.

Sharp Air Fryer (AF-70RT-S3) Specifications:

  • Brand:  Sharp
  • Model:  AF-70RT-S3
  • Power Consumption:  1600W
  • Pan Capacity:  7L
  • Temperature Range:  80-200 degree
  • Basket & Pan Material:  Non-Stick Material
  • Top Lid & Control Panel:  Glass Touch
  • Dimension (WxDxH):  456x380x385mm
  • Weight:  6.8kg  

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