Super Asia Spinner SD-555



Introducing the Super Asia Spinner SD-555 - your laundry's new secret weapon! This advanced spinner is designed to revolutionize your laundry experience. Your clothes are effectively dried by its high-speed spinning capability, which also helps you save energy and time. The Super Asia Spinner SD-555 boasts a robust build, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. 

Its user-friendly features make laundry a breeze for everyone. Experience this top-notch spinner's convenience and effectiveness at a competitive price. 

Say goodbye to manual effort and hello to quick, effortless spinning with the Super Asia Spinner SD-555. Upgrade your laundry routine today and witness its remarkable difference in simplifying your daily chores!

Super Asia Spinner SD-555 Specifications:

  • Brand:  Super Asia
  • Model:  SD-555
  • Spinning Capacity:  10 kg
  • Body:  Shock & Rust Proof Plastic Body
  • Balancing Ring:  Automatic Water Balancing Water
  • Quick Spinning:  Yes
  • Motor:  Powerful Copper Motor
  • Energy Saver:  Yes
  • Motor Warranty:  2 Years

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