Nasgas Electric & Gas Geyser 55 Gallon Super Dlx Auto



Introducing the Nasgas Electric & Gas Geyser 55 Gallon (DEG-55) Super Dlx Auto, the perfect hot water solution for your home. This geyser offers the convenience of dual gas and electric functionality, allowing you to choose the energy source that suits your preferences. 

Whether you prefer the ease of electricity or the cost-effectiveness of gas, this geyser has you covered. Its spacious 55-gallon capacity ensures a plentiful supply of hot water for your entire household. The DEG-55 Super Dlx Auto from Nasgas combines advanced automation with superior performance, ensuring efficient heating and ease of use.

Experience the versatility and reliability of this dual gas and electric geyser, designed to meet the needs of modern households seeking a convenient and efficient hot water solution.

Nasgas Electric & Gas Geyser 55 Gallon (DEG-55) Super Dlx Auto Specifications:

  • Brand:  Nasgas
  • Model:  DEG-55 Super Dlx Auto
  • Water Tank:  Dip Galvanized Prime Heavy Gauge Water Tank
  • Pipe:  IIL GI Transmission Pipe
  • Body:  Pre Painted Prime Out Body with UV Resistant Paint
  • Insulation Density:  Prime Kimmco Insulation Density 12kg/m3
  • Valves:  QC Approved Brass Safety Valve
  • Burner:  Grey Iron Casted Thermal Efficient Burner
  • Tank Capacity:  55 Gallons
  • Work On:  Electric & Gas

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