Kenwood Air Fryer HFP-30

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Best Price Guaranteed

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Introducing the Kenwood Air Fryer HFP-30, your ticket to healthier and tastier cooking! With innovative "Air Fryer Kenwood" technology, this kitchen essential lets you enjoy your favorite dishes with up to 80% less oil, ensuring guilt-free indulgence. 

The sleek and compact design of the "Air Fryer" seamlessly fits into any kitchen, adding both style and convenience to your culinary space. Its user-friendly interface and precise temperature control make cooking a breeze for all skill levels. 

From crispy snacks to succulent main courses, the "Kenwood Air Fryer" delivers mouthwatering results that will delight your taste buds. Embrace a healthier lifestyle and elevate your culinary skills with this exceptional "Air Fryer" from Kenwood, setting new standards in home cooking.

Kenwood Air Fryer HFP-30 Specifications:

  • Brand:  Kenwood                                           
  • Model:  HFP-30                                          
  • Capacity:  3.8 Liters                                      
  • Power:  1300 W                                         
  • Drawer:  Detachable Non-Stick drawer                                       
  • Overheat Protection:  Yes                 
  • Power Input:  220-240V / 50-60Hz                              
  • Basket Material:  Aluminium with non-stick coating                      
  • Quality Standard:  European Quality Standard                     
  • Easy to Clean:  All accessories detachable                           
  • Time:  0-30 min timer automatically off for precise cooking          
  • Temperature:  Adjustable temperature from 80-200°                   
  • No. of pre-set programs:  7 pre-set programs      
  • Control Panel:  Digital Control Panel (LCD)                          
  • Warranty:  1 Year                                 

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