Haier Refrigerator HRF-276 EPR Red



Introducing the Haier Refrigerator HRF-276 EPR Red – where style and performance meet! This refrigerator enhances your cooling experience with its sleek design and advanced features. Keep your food fresh and your beverages perfectly chilled with its innovative cooling technology.

The HRF-276 EPR offers ample storage space, making organization effortless. Its striking red color adds a touch of vibrancy to any kitchen, elevating your decor beautifully. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast or a busy home chef, this Refrigerator Haier is tailored to meet all your refrigeration needs.

Upgrade your kitchen with the HRF-276 EPR Red and relish its reliable performance and energy efficiency. Embrace the future of refrigeration with Haier, where excellence meets aesthetics. Your perfect fridge awaits!

Haier Refrigerator HRF-276 EPR Red Specifications:

  • Brand:                                            Haier
  • Model:                                           HRF-276
  • Color:                                             EPR Red
  • Voltage:                                          125V~260V
  • REF Capacity:                                 169 Liters
  • Freezer Capacity:                           77 Liters
  • Refrigerant / Gas Type:                 R134A
  • Energy Consumption:                   Upto 55% Energy Saving
  • LED Lights:                                     Yes
  • Cooling Performance:                   Best Cooling Performance
  • Durable:                                          Yes
  • Door:                                              Double Door without Handle
  • Cooling Retention:                        Long Cooling Retention
  • Standing Type:                              Free Standing Type
  • Cooling Method:                          Direct Cooling Technology
  • Conventional Technology:           Yes
  • Compressor Warranty:                 10 Years

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