Haier Automatic Washing Machine HWM85-1708

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Best Price Guaranteed

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Introducing the Haier Automatic Washing Machine HWM85-1708 - your ultimate laundry companion from Haier! This top-load wonder combines cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly design, simplifying your laundry routine. With its automatic features, it bid farewell to the complexity of manual settings. The Automatic Washing Machine Haier intelligently adjusts water levels and wash cycles, ensuring efficient performance for every load, saving you time and effort.

At an affordable automatic washing machine price, this appliance offers exceptional value without compromising on quality. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of the Haier HWM85-1708, elevating your laundry experience. Say hello to effortless washing with this top-notch, top-load washing machine. Upgrade your laundry game with Haier today!

Haier Automatic Washing Machine HWM85-1708 Specifications:

  • Brand:  Haier
  • Model:  HWM85-1708
  • Product Type:  Top Load
  • Color:  White
  • Wash Capacity:  8.5kg
  • Spin Capacity:  8.5kg
  • RPM:  1300
  • Standard:  Yes
  • Heavy:  Yes
  • Delicate:  Yes
  • Deep Clean:  No
  • Quick:  Yes
  • Tub Dry:  Yes
  • Air Dry:  No
  • Panel:  Digital
  • Lint Filters:  2
  • Delay Start:  Yes
  • Soak:  No
  • Glass Top Lid:  Yes
  • Tub Clean:  No
  • Child Lock:  Yes
  • Hand Wash:  Yes
  • Outer Cabinet Material:  Metal
  • Inner Drum:  stainless Steel
  • Motor:  Normal
  • Dimension (WxDxH):  540x510x875mm

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