Gree Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton Inverter GS-18PITH11W AAA



Introducing the Gree Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton Inverter GS-18PITH11W AAA, your ultimate cooling companion. Powered by advanced inverter technology, this Gree AC ensures efficient cooling while consuming minimal energy, earning it an impressive AAA energy efficiency rating. Gree, a leading name in the industry, brings you a premium inverter AC that guarantees optimal performance and dependability.

Experience a serene and comfortable environment with the GS-18PITH11W. Its 1.5 Ton capacity is perfect for medium to large rooms, providing consistent and refreshing cooling even on hot days. Embrace eco-friendly cooling with Gree's commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Upgrade to the Gree Inverter AC today and enjoy a cool and energy-efficient living space, all while reducing your carbon footprint. Stay ahead with the Gree Split AC Inverter GS-18PITH11W AAA and embrace cooling excellence like never before.

Gree Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton Inverter GS-18PITH11W AAA Specifications:

  • Brand:  GREE

  • Model Number:  GS-18PITH11W AAA

  • AC Type:  Wall Mount

  • Capacity In Tons:  1.5 Ton

  • Mode Of AC:  Hot & Cool

  • Inverter / Fixed:  Inverter

  • Refrigerant / Gas Type:  R410A

  • Energy Efficiency Ratio:  3.6

  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio:  6.10

  • Design:  Seamless Design with Double Air Deflector

  • Air Flow:  3D Air Flow

  • Auto Clean:  Yes

  • Fan Speed:  Seven Fan Speed

  • Clean Filter:  Single Panel Easy Clean Filter

  • Health Filter:  Yes

  • Low Voltage Startup:  150V

  • Fire Proof PCB:  Yes

  • I-Feel:  Yes

  • Turbo Mode:  Yes

  • Low Noice Operation:  Yes

  • Cold Plasma Generator:  Yes

  • Intelligent Defrost:  Yes

  • Power Technology:  Power Factor Correction Technology Upto 99%

  • Compressor Warrenty:  10 Years 

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