Dawlance Washing Machine DW-6100 W



Introducing the Dawlance Washing Machine DW-6100 W, your ultimate laundry companion designed to make washing a breeze. This top-notch Machine by Dawlance combines efficiency and user-friendliness, ensuring outstanding results every time.

The DW-6100 W features advanced technology and a generous drum capacity, allowing you to wash more clothes in one load, saving time and energy. Its powerful yet gentle wash action ensures your clothes come out fresh and clean, maintaining their quality.

Enjoy the perfect blend of performance and affordability with the Dawlance Washing Machine price. Upgrade your laundry routine and say goodbye to the hassle of hand washing. Embrace the convenience of the DW-6100 W, a must-have appliance for every modern household. Take advantage of this essential addition that brings efficiency and ease to your daily chores.

Dawlance Washing Machine DW-6100 W Specifications:

  • Brand:                                          Dawlance
  • Model:                                         Dw-6100 W
  • Buzzer:                                         Yes
  • Color:                                           White
  • Lid Color & Material:                  White Opaque
  • Body Type:                                   Plastic
  • Voltage:                                        220 V
  • Frequency:                                   50 Hz
  • Water Time Adjustment:            Yes
  • Motor Type:                                Induction
  • Width:                                         56 cm
  • Depth:                                         47.5 cm
  • Height:                                        98.5 cm
  • Weight:                                       16 kg
  • Motor Warranty:                        10 Years

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