Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner DWVC 7500




Brand Dawlance

Model Cleaner DWVC 7500

Category Vacume Cleaner


1600W max power
Fiber glass body for safety (Protects from electrocution while using the wet function)
15 L large capacity
Wet and Dry Suction
Dust full indicator
Wheels for easy operation and manoeuvring
Blower function
5 m cord
Rubber coated wheels

The Dawlance Drum Vacuum Cleaner DWVC-7500 is equipped with a long round cable, so you can enjoy high suction power and large working radius to effectively clean all wet and dry surfaces in your home! DWVC-7500 has a fibre body, as per European safety standards, to avoid any chances of electrocution while being used on wet surfaces.

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