Dawlance Spinner DS-9000

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Best Price Guaranteed

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Introducing the Dawlance Spinner DS-9000, your ultimate solution for quickly and efficiently drying clothes! This innovative Spinner by Dawlance is designed to deliver superior performance and convenience.

With the Dawlance Spinner DS-9000, say goodbye to waiting for your clothes to air-dry. Its powerful spin technology ensures rapid drying, saving you valuable time and effort. Its compact and user-friendly design makes it a perfect fit for any home.

Experience the luxury of quick-dried clothes at an affordable spinner price—no more hassle of wringing out clothes by hand or waiting for days to dry. Embrace the efficiency and ease of the Dawlance Spinner DS-9000 and make your laundry routine a breeze. Take advantage of this must-have laundry appliance that brings convenience to your doorstep!

Dawlance Spinner DS-9000 Specifications:

  • Brand:                                         Dawlance
  • Model:                                        DS-9000
  • Motor Type:                               Induction
  • Color:                                         White
  • Lid Color & Material:                White-Opaque
  • Spin Time Adjustment:             Yes
  • Water Inlet:                                Single
  • Voltage:                                      220 V
  • Frequency:                                 50 Hz
  • Width:                                        60.9 cm
  • Depth:                                        52.9 cm
  • Height:                                       96.3 cm
  • Weight:                                      17 kg
  • Motor Warranty:                      10 Years

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