Dawlance Fully Automatic Washing Machine DWT-260 S LVS+



Discover the Dawlance Fully Automatic Washing Machine DWT-260 S LVS+, your ideal laundry partner that brings convenience and efficiency to your doorstep. This top-of-the-line automatic washing machine by Dawlance promises a hassle-free laundry experience.

The DWT-260 S LVS+ boasts a user-friendly top-load design, making loading and unloading clothes a breeze. With its Low Voltage Startup+ technology, you can save energy while enjoying powerful performance even during voltage fluctuations.

Thanks to the affordable automatic washing machine price, you experience superior cleaning and care for your clothes without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to effortless washing with the Dawlance DWT-260 S LVS+ Automatic Washing Machine. Elevate your laundry routine and embrace a new level of comfort and convenience.

Dawlance Fully Automatic Washing Machine DWT-260 S LVS+ Specifications:

  • Brand:                                       Dawlance
  • Model:                                      DWT-260 S LVS+
  • Voltage:                                    220 V
  • Frequency:                               50 Hz
  • Width:                                      54 cm
  • Depth:                                      56 cm
  • Height:                                     96.5 cm
  • Weight:                                    37 kg
  • EZ Wash (One Touch):            Yes
  • Child Lock:                               Yes
  • Buzzer:                                     Yes
  • Function 1:                               Energy Saver
  • Function 2:                               Soaking
  • Function 3:                               Low Noise
  • Water Inlet:                              Single
  • Programs:                                10
  • Program 1:                              Normal Fuzzy
  • Program 2:                              Air Dry
  • Program 3:                              Heavy Fuzzy
  • Program 4:                              Soft
  • Program 5:                             Energy Pro
  • Program 6:                             Fast
  • Program 7:                             Wool
  • Program 8:                             Child
  • Program 9:                             Foam Clean
  • Program 10:                          Tub Clean
  • Color:                                     Silver
  • Drum Pattern:                       Diamond
  • LED Display Color:                Green
  • Motor Type:                          Induction
  • Motor Warranty:                   10 Years
  • PCB Kit Warranty:                 3 Years

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