Dawlance Floor Standing 2.0 Ton Gallant-45 Inverter



Introducing the Dawlance Floor Standing 2.0 Ton Gallant-45 Inverter – the perfect cooling solution that combines power and versatility. This Air Conditioner inverter by Dawlance offers efficient and effective cooling for larger spaces.

With its advanced AC inverter technology, the Dawlance inverter AC optimizes energy consumption, ensuring cost savings while maintaining optimum cooling performance. The floor-standing design allows for easy placement and better airflow distribution throughout the room, creating a comfortable environment for all.

Upgrade your cooling experience with the reliable Air Conditioner inverter Dawlance Floor Standing series. Embrace the power, efficiency, and convenience this 2.0 Ton inverter AC brings to your space. Enjoy the perfect blend of performance and aesthetics with Dawlance's trusted Floor Standing inverter AC technology. Stay cool and comfortable with the Gallant-45 Inverter from Dawlance.

Dawlance Floor Standing 2.0 Ton Gallant-45 Inverter Specifications:

  • Brand:  Dawlance

  • Model Number:  FS Gallant-45

  • AC Type:  Floor Standing

  • Capacity In Tons:  2.0 Ton

  • Capacity In BTU:  24000 BTU

  • Mode Of AC:  Heat & Cool

  • Inverter / Fixed:  Inverter

  • Display:  Sliding Hidden Touch Display.

  • Air Throw:  Vertical Air outlet for Long Distance Air Throw & Large Air Volume.

  • I-Clean:  I-clean (3 step Self Cleaning) for Clean & Hygienic Air.

  • Filteration:  Dual Filteration (Cold catalyst to effectively catch formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds as well as harmful gases & ordors).

  • Condenser:  Gold Fins ( Indoor & Outdoor to protect Rust & Corrosion).

  • Noise Level:  Comfortable & Low noise operation.

  • Compressor Warranty:  12 Years

  • Card Warranty:  4 Years PCB 

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