Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine DWT-1167 FLP



Introducing the Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine DWT-1167 FLP, your laundry's perfect companion. This top-load washing machine by Dawlance is designed to make laundry effortless and efficient, giving you more time for what matters.

With its advanced features and intelligent technology, the DWT-1167 FLP ensures a thorough and gentle wash for your clothes, maintaining their quality and vibrancy. Its user-friendly interface allows you to customize wash cycles effortlessly, tailored to your preferences.

Upgrade your laundry routine with this high-quality Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine, offering excellent value for its price. Say goodbye to manual washing and embrace the convenience of modern technology.

Experience the future of laundry with the Dawlance DWT-1167 FLP. Elevate your home with this reliable appliance. Don't wait any longer - get yours now and enjoy a stress-free laundry experience!

Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine DWT-1167 FLP Specifications:

  • Brand:  Dawlance
  • Model:  DWT-1167 FLP
  • Product Type:  Top Load
  • Voltage:  220V
  • Frequency:  50Hz
  • Width:  55cm
  • Depth:  56.5cm
  • Height:  96.5cm
  • Weight:  37kg
  • EZ Wash (One Touch):  Yes
  • Air Dry:  Yes
  • Child Lock:  Yes
  • Buzzer:  Yes
  • No. of Programs:  10
  • Function 1:  Energy Saving
  • Function 2:  Soaking
  • Function 3:  Low Noise
  • Water Inlet:  Single
  • Color:  Silver
  • Drum Pattern:  Diamond
  • LED Display Color:  Green
  • Motor Type:  Induction

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