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Cherry Room Air Cooler CR-5000 AC

Cherry Room Air Cooler CR-5000 AC

The Cherry Room Air Cooler CR-5000 AC price in Pakistan is Rs.26,500.00, updated on June 25, 2024.

Vendor: Cherry
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Cherry Room Air Cooler CR-5000 AC

The Cherry CR-5000 is a large air cooler with a 90-litre water tank, perfect for long-lasting cooling. It weighs 27.7 kg net and 31.6 kg gross, making it fairly easy to move around. The cooler has a simple control panel with three knobs and an auto swing feature that helps spread cool air evenly. It also has a top-loading box that can hold three ice bottles for extra cooling.

This cooler is designed with useful features for convenience and safety. It allows up-and-down movement to direct the airflow where you need it, and it has thermal overload protection to prevent overheating. The fan, with a speed of 1320 RPM, is made of specially designed five-leaf plastic for better air circulation. It uses a 3-sided honeycomb cooling system for efficient cooling.

In terms of power, the Cherry CR-5000 runs on 255W, 50 Hz, and 220V, ensuring it works efficiently without using too much electricity. The cooler measures 1170 x 740 x 812 mm, making it a good fit for larger rooms that need effective cooling.


Brand:  Cherry
Model: CR-5000
Size: Large
Tank Size: 90 Liters
Net Weight: 27.7 kg
Gross Weight: 31.6 kg
Control Penal: 3 Knob
Auto Swing: Yes
Ice Box Capacity: 3 Bottles
Top Loading Box: Yes
Up Down Movement: Yes
Thermal Overload Protection: Yes
Fan Speed: 1320 RP
Fan Type: Five Leaf's Special Designed Plastic
Honeycomb Cooling Media: 3-Side
Rated Power (W): 255
Rated Frequency (Hz): 50
Power Factor: 9.5
Rated Voltage (V): 220
Rated Current (A): 1.17
Dimensions (Packaging): 1170 x 740 x 812


What is the capacity of the water tank in the Cherry CR-5000?
The Cherry CR-5000 air cooler has a 90-litre water tank, which allows for extended periods of cooling.

How easy is it to move the Cherry CR-5000 around?
Despite its large size, the Cherry CR-5000 is fairly easy to move around. It weighs 27.7 kg net and 31.6 kg gross.

What features does the control panel of the Cherry CR-5000 have?
The control panel of the Cherry CR-5000 is simple and user-friendly, featuring three knobs and an auto swing function to help distribute cool air evenly.

Does the Cherry CR-5000 have any safety features?
Yes, the Cherry CR-5000 is equipped with thermal overload protection, which helps prevent the cooler from overheating.

How efficient is the Cherry CR-5000 in terms of power usage?
The Cherry CR-5000 is designed to be efficient with a power rating of 255W, operating at 50 Hz and 220V, ensuring it doesn't consume excessive electricity.

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