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Canon Room Air Cooler CA-6500 (Grey)

Canon Room Air Cooler CA-6500 (Grey)

The Canon Room Air Cooler CA-6500 (Grey) price in Pakistan is Rs.31,900.00, updated on June 25, 2024.

Vendor: Canon
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Canon Room Air Cooler CA-6500 (Grey)

The Canon CA-6500 Air Cooler (Grey) is designed for efficient cooling. It has a large 90-litre water tank and uses 180 watts of power. It works with standard 220-240V AC power.
Key features include an imported water pump, a durable copper motor, and honeycomb cooling pads. The motor runs at 1400 RPM and has a safety feature to prevent overheating.
It comes with four freezable gel bottles for extra cooling, each lasting 4-6 hours. The cooler is easy to move with its sturdy wheels and has a fan that can blow air up to 30 feet. The cooler weighs 22 kg.


Brand:  Canon
Model:  CA-6500
Color:  Grey
Water Tank Capacity:  90 ltr
Power Consumption:  180W
For AC Power Supply:  Yes
Water Pump:  Imported
Motor:  Copper
Plastic Wings:  Yes
Cooling Medium:  Honey Comb
Voltage:  220~240V
Gross Weight:  23kg
Net Weight:  22kg
Unit:  1 Pcs
Motor RMP:  1400
Motor Safety:  Trip^135C
Switches:  16 AMP Imported
Freezable Bottles:  04
Freezable Bottles Capacity:  800ml
Freezable Bottles Chemical:  Jell Type
Freezable Bottles Cooling Time:  4-6 Hours
Wheels:  70 mm Double Bearing
Cooling Pad:  2 inch 50#
Fan Type:  18 inches Impeller Type
Material:  Virgin
Fan Through:  Up to 30 Feet


How much water can the tank hold?
The tank can hold 90 liters of water, which is great for long cooling periods.

Does it use a lot of electricity?
No, it only uses 180 watts of power, which is pretty efficient.

How long do the freezable bottles last?
The freezable bottles can cool for about 4-6 hours.

Is it easy to move around?
Yes, it has strong wheels that make it easy to move.

How far can the fan blow air?
The fan can blow air up to 30 feet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Premium quality and Super cooling

The most important thing I love about this coller is it's Material quality and Cooling effect 2nd important change in this coller is it's motor is Infront of fan not behind it to prevent any issue caused by moist or water dripping on motor as in other coolers

Syed Ali Raza Zaidi
poor quality wire used

I have this cooler its fan is good , cooling is good but its water motor wire keeps burning because its wire quality is very poor.

Farrukh Raoof
Very Good Service. Polite staff. Super fast Delivery. Reasonable price.

The cooler was delivered within 18 hours. super-fast delivery. After delivery, an inspection was done by the agent and handed over to me. Last night, May 14, 2024, the cooler suddenly stopped. water pump and moving gril were working, and the impeller fan was stopped without any reason. After making a call to the concerned, which takes 10–20 minutes, i tried to get it on, and the fan started. I don't know what the reason was, but this happened. (I tried to upload video.mp4, which was not supported by this page.)