Canon Room Air Cooler CA-6500 (Green)



Introducing the Canon Room Air Cooler CA-6500 (Green), your perfect cooling companion for a delightful indoor experience. This room air cooler combines cutting-edge technology with a splash of vibrant green to keep you cool and comfortable during hot summer days.

Experience the power of effective cooling as the Canon Room Air Cooler efficiently circulates air, transforming your room into a refreshing oasis. Its sleek and compact design seamlessly blends with your decor, adding a touch of elegance to any space.

You can easily customize the cooling settings with user-friendly controls to suit your preferences. Embrace the eco-friendly features that save energy and contribute to a greener environment.

Upgrade your cooling game with the Canon Room Air Cooler CA-6500 (Green) and indulge in a serene atmosphere all season. Stay cool and relaxed as you conquer the heat with style and ease.

Canon Room Air Cooler CA-6500 (Green) Specifications:

  • Brand:  Canon
  • Model:  CA-6500
  • Color:  Green
  • Water Tank Capacity:  90 ltr
  • Power Consumption:  180W
  • For AC Power Supply:  Yes
  • Water Pump:  Imported
  • Motor:  Copper
  • Plastic Wings:  Yes
  • Cooling Medium:  Honey Comb
  • Voltage:  220~240V
  • Gross Weight:  23kg
  • Net Weight:  22kg
  • Unit:  1 Pcs
  • Motor RMP:  1400
  • Motor Safety:  Trip^135C
  • Switches:  16 AMP Imported
  • Freezable Bottles:  04
  • Freezable Bottles Capacity:  800ml
  • Freezable Bottles Chemical:  Jell Type
  • Freezable Bottles Cooling Time:  4-6 Hours
  • Wheels:  70 mm Double Bearing
  • Cooling Pad:  2 inch 50#
  • Fan Type:  18 inches Impeller Type
  • Material:  Virgin
  • Fan Through:  Upto 30 Feet

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