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Canon Room Air Cooler CA-6500 (Green)

Canon Room Air Cooler CA-6500 (Green)

The Canon Room Air Cooler CA-6500 (Green) price in Pakistan is Rs.31,900.00, updated on June 25, 2024.

Vendor: Canon
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Canon Room Air Cooler CA-6500 (Green)

The Canon CA-6500 air cooler is a reliable way to stay cool without breaking the bank. It's green, with a big 90-litre water tank and only uses 180W of power, so it's pretty efficient. You can plug it in wherever there's AC power, making it super convenient. It's got a tough copper motor and an imported water pump, plus smooth plastic wings to make sure the air flows nicely. 

It comes with four 800ml bottles you can freeze to keep things even cooler for longer. Safety is covered too with a motor trip feature, and it's easy to move around with its sturdy wheels. Whether you're at home or outside, this cooler has your back when the temperatures rise.


Brand:  Canon
Color:  Green
Water Tank Capacity:  90 ltr
Power Consumption:
For AC Power Supply:
Water Pump:  Imported
Plastic Wings:
Cooling Medium:
  Honey Comb
Gross Weight:
Net Weight:
  1 Pcs
Motor RMP:  1400
Motor Safety:
Switches:  16 AMP Imported
Freezable Bottles:
Freezable Bottles Capacity:
Freezable Bottles Chemical:  Jell Type
Freezable Bottles Cooling Time:
  4-6 Hours
  70 mm Double Bearing
Cooling Pad:
  2 inch 50#
Fan Type:  18 inches Impeller Type
Fan Through:
  up to 30 Feet


How long does the cooling last with the Canon CA-6500?
With the included freezable bottles, you can expect cooling relief for 4-6 hours, depending on the conditions.

Can I use the Canon CA-6500 air cooler with any power source?
Yes, it's compatible with AC power supply, so you can use it wherever there's a power outlet.

Is the Canon CA-6500 easy to move around?
Absolutely! It comes with sturdy wheels, making it easy to roll from room to room or take outdoors.

How much power does the Canon CA-6500 consume?
It uses only 180W of power, which is pretty efficient compared to other cooling options.

Is the Canon CA-6500 safe to use?
Yes, it's designed with safety in mind. It has features like a motor trip mechanism to ensure safe operation.