Haier Spinner HD 60-50



Introducing the Haier Spinner HD 60-50 - your ultimate laundry companion! This powerful spinner brings efficiency and ease to your laundry routine. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, you can now bid farewell to hand wringing and let the Haier Spinner do the work.

Experience quick and effective drying of clothes with this reliable spinner. Its compact design makes it ideal for small spaces, and the sturdy build ensures long-lasting performance. Plus, you get all of this at a competitive spinner price.

Upgrade your laundry game with the Haier Spinner HD 60-50 and enjoy faster and more efficient drying. Embrace this spinner's convenience and simplicity, making laundry a breeze. Say hello to hassle-free laundry with Haier!

Haier Spinner HD 60-50 Specifications:

  • Brand:  Haier
  • Model:  HD 60-50
  • Color:  Milk White / Grey
  • Type:  Spinner
  • Spin Capacity:  06 kg
  • RPM:  1330
  • Program:  Standard, Storng
  • Outer Cabinet Material:  Virgin Plastic
  • Inner Drum:  Virgin Plastic
  • Motor:  99.99% Copper
  • Weight:  14 kg
  • Dimension HxWxD:  828x340x400
  • Motor Warranty:  10 Years

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