Top-quality 2-Ton Inverter AC Price In Pakistan In 2024

Top-quality 2-Ton Inverter AC Price In Pakistan In 2024

Inverter AC is reliable for cooling and making your home comfy. It is smarter than most because it only uses the power it needs to cool your room, not max power all the time. It cools your place, saving you money on your energy bill. It's eco-friendly, so you can feel good with it.

Best 2-Ton Inverter AC In Pakistan

The best 2-ton Inverter AC in Pakistan is built to handle Pakistan's hot weather with ease. It keeps your home cool and comfortable. It is made to be strong and reliable, so you can trust it for years. It is the smart choice for staying cool in Pakistan's climate.

Gree 2-Ton Inverter AC

Gree Inverter AC is all about keeping you cool and comfortable with their reliable air conditioning solutions. Their products are known for being dependable and long-lasting.

Here are some features of Gree 2-Ton Inverter AC:

Inverter Technology: It saves energy by adjusting cooling power based on room temperature.

Powerful Cooling: It cools large rooms effectively, even in hot weather.

Low Noise Operation: It runs quietly, ensuring peace.

Energy Efficiency: It saves electricity by using less power than regular ACs.

Smart Controls: It can easily adjust settings with a remote control or smartphone app.

Air Purification: Some models have filters to clean dust and allergens from the air.

Durable Construction: Built with quality materials to last a long time.

Auto Restart: Restarts with the same settings after a power outage.



Gree Floor Standing AC Inverter 2.0 Ton GF-24ISH AA+

Rs. 475,000

Dawlance 2-Ton Inverter AC

Dawlance Inverter ACs are best for their cooling reliability in Pakistan's weather. Their ability to efficiently cool in Pakistan's weather makes them a popular choice for many households. They are known for their durability and performance, making them a popular choice for households in Pakistan.

Now let’s check out what the Dawlance 2-Ton Inverter AC can do:

Turbo Mode: Dawlance Inverter AC cools your room super-fast when you need it.

Sleep Mode: It adjusts settings automatically for a comfortable night's sleep.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: You can manage your AC using your phone, no matter where you are.

Humidity Control: It helps you feel comfortable by managing humidity levels.

Smart Diagnosis: It also fixes problems on its own, so you don't have to worry.

Multi-Directional Airflow: Spreads cool air evenly around the room.

Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant: Uses eco-friendly materials to reduce its impact on the environment.



Dawlance AC 2.0 Ton Floor Standing Gallant-45 Inverter

Rs. 348,000

Haier 2-Ton Inverter AC

Haier Inverter ACs are known for the best variety of models, from compact window units to powerful split systems. With Haier, you get reliable performance. Plus, they are designed to be energy-efficient. And with user-friendly controls and stylish designs, Haier ACs look great in any home or office.
Now, we discuss few features of Haier Inverter AC:

Energy Saving: This AC helps save on electricity bills because it uses less power compared to regular ACs.

Powerful Cooling: It cools large rooms quickly and effectively, even on really hot days.

Quiet Operation:  Haier AC runs quietly, so you can enjoy a peaceful environment without any noise disturbances.

Fast Cooling: It brings down the room temperature fast, so you feel comfortable right away.

Easy Controls: You can easily adjust the settings using the remote control or buttons on the AC unit.

Durable Build: Made with strong materials, ensuring it lasts a long time without any issues.

Air Purification: Some models have filters to remove dust and allergens from the air, making it cleaner and healthier to breathe.



Haier AC Floor Standing 2.0 Ton HPU-24CE03 (Cool Only)

Rs. 260,000

Haier Split AC Inverter 2.0 Ton HSU-24HFCD

Rs. 215,000

Haier Floor Standing AC H&C 2.0 Ton HPU-24HE03

Rs. 300,000

Haier Floor Standing AC Inverter 2.0 Ton HPU-24HE/WSDC (X-IK)

Rs. 330,000

Haier AC Floor Standing 2.0 Ton HPU-24HDZUV DC Inverter

Rs. 330,000


Kenwood 2-Ton Inverter AC

Kenwood Inverters ACs are reliable and effective cooling solutions. They come in different types to fit various spaces and needs. They provide efficient cooling, even in extreme temperatures. They are designed to save energy. With user-friendly controls and sleek designs, Kenwood ACs add both comfort and style to your space.

Here are some common features of the Kenwood 2-ton Inverter AC:

Turbo Mode: Kenwood Inverter Ac Provides extra fast cooling when you need it most

Sleep Mode: It adjusts the temperature for a comfortable sleep environment.

Eco Mode: Kenwood AC optimizes energy use to be even more efficient.

Self-Cleaning: It automatically cleans the inside of the AC to maintain efficiency and air quality.

Humidity Control: They help control humidity levels for added comfort.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: It allows you to control the AC remotely via a smartphone app.

Multi-Directional Airflow: It distributes cool air evenly throughout the room.

Environmental Refrigerant: Uses eco-friendly refrigerants to reduce environmental impact.



Kenwood Floor Standing AC Inverter 2.0 Ton KEI-2443FHI Imperial Plus


Kenwood Floor Standing AC 2.0 Ton KEI-2444 FHI

Rs. 350,000

Kenwood Cassette Type Inverter KCT-2402HI

Rs. 469,000


Best 2-Ton Inverter AC Price In Pakistan At Japan Electronics

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