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Top 5 Best Wedding Packages on Home Appliances


More than a million Pakistanis get married annually. So when it comes to weddings, we are emotionally attached to everything from making a list of guests to arranging the venue. Also, wedding packages are one of the most important elements that are considered. In today's digital age, home appliances have become an integral part of weddings, and finding the best wedding packages on home appliances can make your special day even more memorable.

Japan Electronics is a renowned name in the industry, offering a range of wedding packages to suit different preferences and budgets. In this article, we will explore the top 5 best wedding packages on home appliances offered by Japan Electronics: the Bronze Package, Silver Package, Gold Package, Diamond Package, and Platinum Package.

Bronze Package

The Bronze Package is ideal for couples wanting a straightforward yet charming wedding. This package includes basic home appliances essentials such as,

  • Refrigerator Dawlance REF 9140 WB Chrome Pearl Copper
  • Washing Machine Kenwood LMW-899W
  • LED Beetro 32' (TJ-32S7450) Smart
  • Blender Anex (2 in 1) 697

Bronze Package

Silver Package

The Silver Package offers more advanced home appliance options for those looking for a step up. It includes,

  • Refrigerator Dawlance 9140 WB Chrome Hairline Black
  • Washing Machine Kenwood KWM-899W
  • LED TV TCL 32' L32D310
  • Microwave Oven Dawlance DW-MD15 (20L)
  • Iron Panasonic NI-22AWT
  • Juicer/Blender ANEX (3 in 1) 695
  • Sandwich Maker ANEX 1037C

Silver Package

Gold Package

The Gold Package is designed for couples who want a truly immersive experience for their guests. It features top-of-the-line home appliances, including, 

  • Refrigerator Dawlance 9173 WB Avante Noir Green (GD)
  • Washing Machine Haier HWM-100AS
  • LED TV Hisense 40A4G Android 11
  • Microwave Oven Dawlance DW-133-G
  • Iron Sencor Heavy SS1250 (White)
  • Food Factory ANEX Robot 2150 S/B
  • Sandwich Maker ANEX 1037C
  • Toaster ANEX 2 Slice Cool Touch 3011
  • Hob Nasgas (DG-GN2 Glass Top) 2 BRN Glass

Gold Package

Diamond Package

If you're aiming for nothing but the best, the Diamond Package is the ultimate choice. This package offers advanced home appliance technology, including

  • Refrigerator Dawlance REF 9191nWB Avante + Emerald Green (GD INV)
  • Washing Machine Haier HWM90-1789-01
  • LED TV TCL LED 43S5400
  • Microwave Oven Dawlance DW-115CHZ Plus
  • Air Conditioner Haier Split Inverter 1.0 Ton HSU-12HFPAA (Gray)
  • Iron Dawlance DWSI-2217 C
  • Food Factory Gabba National GN-924/21
  • Sandwich Maker Kenwood SMM-00
  • Toaster Dawlance DWT-7285
  • Hob Nasgas (DG-111) 3 BRN Steel

Diamond Package

Platinum Package

For couples who want an extraordinary wedding experience, the Platinum Package is the ultimate option. This package includes, 

  • Refrigerator Dawlance Side By Side DW 9055 INOX
  • Washing Machine Samsung WA11T5260BYURT TOP LOAD
  • LED TV Samsung 55AU7000
  • Microwave Oven LG MH8265CIS
  • Air Conditioner LG Split Inverter 1.5 Ton I118CGH (IN)
  • Food Factory Black & Decker FX-775 (34 Functions)
  • Sandwich maker Black & Decker 3 in 1 G2
  • Toaster Black & Decker TO-800
  • Water Dispenser Homage HWD-49432 Mrg
  • Garment Steamer Philips GC-484
  • Air Fryer Philips 9200
  • Hob Beetro (Mas-29) 3 BRN Glass (Black)

Platinum Package

What More Wedding Services Are Needed?

Now that we've explored the top 5 best wedding packages on home appliances from Japan Electronics, it's essential to consider what other wedding services you might need to complete your special day.

Every wedding requires a range of services to make it unforgettable. These services include wedding venues, photographers, bridal makeup, decor, henna artists, and catering. Shadiyana is a gateway that provides a complete answer to your wedding demands.


They provides a one-stop shop for all your wedding requirements. Whether you need a stunning venue, a talented photographer, exquisite bridal makeup, elegant decor, traditional henna artistry, or delicious catering, Shadiyana has covered you. Their expert staff ensures that every detail of your wedding is carried out precisely, leaving you with lovely memories.

  • Wedding Venue: Choosing the perfect venue is the foundation of a successful wedding. Shadiyana offers many stunning wedding venues to suit your style and guest list.
  • Photographers: Capturing the special moments of your wedding is essential. Shadiyana provides access to talented photographers who will create lasting memories through their lenses.
  • Bridal Makeup: Every bride deserves to look her best on her wedding day. Shadiyana offers professional bridal makeup services to enhance your beauty and radiance.
  • Decor: With superb design, you may turn your wedding setting into a fantasy world. Shadiyana provides a range of decoration choices to match your style and tastes.
  • Henna Artist: Get lovely henna designs from skilled artists to celebrate tradition and add a classy touch.
  • Catering: Make sure your guests enjoy delicious meals. Shadiyana can help you find caterers who can make everyone's taste buds happy.


In conclusion, when it comes to planning your wedding, take into account the importance of choosing the right home appliance package. Japan Electronics offers a range of options, from the Bronze Package for simplicity to the Platinum Package for incomparable lavishness. Consider your preferences and budget, and select the package that suits your needs.

To complete your wedding preparations, remember to explore the services offered by Shadiyana. They can help you create a magical and consistent wedding experience that you and your guests will treasure forever. Moreover, make your wedding day special with the best wedding packages on electronics and the support of Shadiyana's wedding services.

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