Top 18 Features That Make You Buy DC Air Conditioner

Top 18 Features That Make You Buy DC Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have become the most used appliance now because the sun throws heat more than the last time every new summer. It seems impossible to survive through summers without an ac. Air conditioners have become necessity more than a luxury home appliances because of the high scorching temperature.

 So there is a myth that air conditioners charge you higher electricity bills, but a DC air conditioner does not charge you sky-touching electricity bills because of its features. Its mind-blowing specifications make it an energy-saver home appliance. Let me explain its features so you may understand why a DC air conditioner is the best choice for your home. 

Multiple brands of air conditioners are available at Japan Electronics with different tonnage capacities i.e., 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2.0 ton. DC air conditioner price in Pakistan is affordable. 

  • Features 

  1. Low Voltage Startup

DC air conditioners can start at low voltage, i.e., 160 Volts. Due to their low power startup, they can also be operated on Solar panels. 

  1. Turbo Mode

The turbo mode is for fast heating and cooling. This fast heating and cooling feature make the DC air conditioner an energy-efficient home appliance. Just press the turbo function and avail its perks. 

  1. T3 Inverter Compressor

These compressors are the best-advanced compressors. Its specifications include less vibration and faster cooling. It makes the room temperature cool swiftly. Additionally, its outdoor unit does not need shelter and works without tripping, even in scorching weather.

  1. Inverter Technology in AC

Inverters reduce energy consumption by controlling the motor speed efficiently in air conditioners. The primary function of a DC Inverter ac is to control the motor’s speed. It regulates the speed of the motor to maintain the temperature without needing to turn it off, for safety purposes.

  1. Auto Restart

The automatic restart of split ac ensures the proper working of air conditioners by maintaining the humidity at a comfortable level. The pros of turning your AC to work in auto mode:

  • Increase the higher efficiency of a unit
  • Lower the electricity bills 
  • Maintains the humidity 
  1. Precise Temperature Control

This feature of DC inverter ac makes the appliance operate at a variable speed. And it helps to maintain your room’s set temperature precisely. With this feature, you do not need to set the temperature every time.

  1. Sleep Mode

This feature in DC inverter ac gives you a peaceful sleep. It automatically adjusts the temperature. This feature keeps the body at an optimal temperature for maximum rest. Additionally, 36% less energy is consumed compared to conventional cooling methods.

  1. 3D Airflow

3D airflow is the most brilliant way of air-throw. It has three motors. One vertical and two horizontal. Because of three motors, the airflow is best.

This feature in DC inverter ac makes the airflow uniform and throws air to the larger area. The airflow is quiet and comfortable.

  1. 4-Way Swing

Some DC air conditioners have a 4-way swing. 4-way swing specifications include throwing air vertically and horizontally. The primary purpose of a 4-way swing is to throw air into the larger space making the area comfortable and according to your needs.

  1. Golden Fins

Golden fins in dc inverter ac help to protect the coils from rusting. The coils cool the refrigerant and remove the heat, providing you with quiet and comfortable air. 

  1. X-Fan

X-fan helps to protect your air-conditioning. In the coils of your air conditioner, water residue will be left behind when the unit is turned off. When the X-Fan mode is turned on, the unit will run for a few minutes to dry out the coils, then automatically shut off. 

  1. Child Lock

The Dc Air Conditioner also has the feature of a child lock. This is for safety purposes. If you turn this feature on, no child or any unfamiliar person will not be able to operate the home appliance accidentally. This feature is for protection purposes and helps avoid any unpleasant situation.

  1. I Feel

The specification in the ac makes the user change the direction of airflow. The ac unit will automatically choose the appropriate running method and makes the room’s atmosphere comfortable.

  1. Fireproof Technology

Most DC air conditioners have this feature of fireproof technology. The fireproof box protects the appliance from fire. 

  1. R-410A Refrigerant

R-410A gas in DC air conditioner works more efficiently than R-22. It reduces the risk of burning your compressor due to overheating and makes the unit run cooler. This refrigerant can work efficiently in high temperatures and pressures without the risk of cracking. 

  1. Shower Cooling

The advanced DC inverter ACs have a shower cooling technology that provides air from above. This feature ensures healthy air-conditioning. 

  1. 24-Hour Timer 

The 24-hour timer in AC allows the user to pre-set the turn-on timing of AC within 24 hours. Pre-set your air conditioner turned on feature so you can come home to a pleasant and comfortable environment. 

  1. Defrosting

In winter, when the outdoor unit gets too cold and the coils are covered in ice. In this condition, the unit cannot operate. To operate it, turn on the defrost feature so that it may defrost the ice so that the air conditioner can operate.


In conclusion, DC air conditioners are energy-efficient home appliances. The price of a DC inverter air conditioner in Pakistan is higher than a non-inverter one.

But its advanced features make it worth buying. You can buy it for long-term use. Using it will not higher your electricity bills. 

So these are some energy-saver features of DC air conditioners that make them worth buying. 


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