Haier AC Error code List & troubleshooting PDF In 2024

Haier AC Error code List & troubleshooting PDF In 2024

Your AC isn't working right now, which can be really uncomfortable in this heat. Common problems include poor cooling or strange noises. But don’t worry, we're here to help! Our error codes PDF will help you understand the issue occurring with your AC.

Error Code In Haier AC

An error code in Haier AC is a number or message that shows up when something goes wrong with your AC. It helps you figure out what the problem is so you can fix it. 
There are two major Haier AC series we are going to discuss about them:

Haier AC E Series
Haier AC F Series

E Series Code PDF In Haier AC

An E series code is a way to show a specific problem or error with a system. It helps identify issues and figure out what needs fixing.
Here are the series of E series error code in Haier AC:

Series Description 

The indoor and outdoor units are having trouble communicating with each other.


The indoor temperature sensor isn't working.

E2  The pipe temperature sensor isn't working. 
E4 The indoor EEPROM has malfunctioned. 
E5  The indoor unit's anti-frost protection is activated. 
E9  The indoor unit is overloaded when in heating mode. 
E14 The indoor fan motor is not working properly.

F Series Code PDF In Haier AC

An F series error code in a Haier AC shows a specific problem, like sensor issues, communication errors, or motor faults. These codes help pinpoint the problem so it can be fixed quickly.
These are the series F error code in Haier Ac:

Series Description 
F1  IPM protection safeguards the system's power module from potential damage or issues. 
F2  Instantaneous over-current protection of the compressor ensures the compressor is shielded from sudden electrical surges or spikes. 
F3  There's a communication error between the power module and the main PCB board. 
F4  The compressor's protection against high discharge temperatures. 

The outdoor ambient sensor is not functioning correctly.     


The suction temperature sensor is not working properly.


The DC fan motor is not working correctly.

F9  Module reset refers to restarting or resetting a module or component within a system to resolve issues or restore functionality. 
F11 Loss of synchronism detection indicates when components or systems are no longer working together in proper coordination or timing. 

The EEPROM has encountered a malfunction or failure.

F13  The system does not have enough refrigerant. 

The 4-way valve is not functioning properly in reverse.

F19 Protection against power over or under voltage fluctuations. 
F20  Protection against high pressure levels in the system. 
F21  The outdoor coil temperature sensor detects the temperature of the outdoor coil. 

Protection against excessive alternating current (AC) levels in the outdoor unit.

F23  Overcurrent protection for the compressor's U-phase, V-phase, and W-phase. 

Abnormal current detection protection for CT (Current Transformer).

F25  Malfunction of the compressor discharge sensor.
F27 Fault in the compressor current sampling circuit. 

Fault in the compressor position detection circuit.

F35  The compressor driver board has failed. 
F43  An abnormality in model matching. 
FE  Malfunction in detecting refrigerant leaks in fixed-frequency AC units. 


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