Best Kitchen Hood and Hob Prices in Pakistan: A Comprehensive Guide

Best Kitchen Hood and Hob Prices in Pakistan: A Comprehensive Guide - Japan Electronics

Best Kitchen Hood and Hob Prices in Pakistan: A Comprehensive Guide


Having the right appliances is crucial when creating an efficient and stylish kitchen. Two such essential appliances are kitchen hoods and hobs. By removing grease, smoke, and cooking odors, a kitchen hood, also known as an exhaust hood or range hood, helps keep your kitchen tidy. 

However, a kitchen hob, commonly called a stove or cooktop, is where the actual cooking occurs. If you're in Pakistan and looking to upgrade your kitchen, this guide provides an overview of kitchen hood and hob prices from popular brands like Canon, Dawlance, and Nasgas.

Understanding Kitchen Hoods and Hobs:

Before getting into the pricing, it's essential to understand the types of kitchen hoods and hobs available. Kitchen hoods come in various styles, such as wall-mounted, island, and under-cabinet hoods. They also differ in extraction power and features like built-in lighting and adjustable fan speeds. However, kitchen hobs are available in gas, electric, and induction variants, each with benefits and drawbacks.

Top Brands in Pakistan:


Canon is a renowned brand that offers a variety of home appliances, including hoods and hobs. Their products are known for their durability and innovative features. Canon kitchen hoods come in smooth designs that complement modern kitchens, and their hobs are equipped with modern cooking techniques.


Dawlance is a well-established Pakistani brand that offers a wide range of Kitchen Appliances. Their kitchen hoods are designed to effectively remove odors and smoke, ensuring a fresh cooking environment. Dawlance hobs are known for their user-friendly controls and reliable performance.


Another well-known company in Pakistan is Nasgas, which sells quality kitchen appliances at reasonable prices. Nasgas kitchen hoods and hobs are designed to meet the needs of Pakistani households, combining functionality with affordability.

Kitchen Hood and Hob Prices:

It's important to note that kitchen hood and hob prices vary based on size, design, features, and brand reputation. Below is a general overview of the price ranges you can expect for these appliances:


Canon offers a range of kitchen hoods and hobs to suit different budgets. On average, their kitchen hoods are in the price range of PKR 24,000 to PKR 53,000.

For Canon kitchen hobs, the prices generally start from around PKR 13,000 and can go up to PKR 39,000, depending on the type and features.


Dawlance kitchen hoods are competitively priced, with options ranging from approximately PKR 71,000 to PKR 118,000, catering to various preferences and budgets.

However Dawlance kitchen hobs are also affordable, starting at around PKR 71,000 and going up to PKR 109,000.


Nasgas offers budget-friendly options for both kitchen hoods and hobs. Their kitchen hood costs normally range from PKR 18,000 to PKR 35,000.

Nasgas kitchen hobs are similarly priced, with options from around PKR 5,000 to PKR 23,000.

Factors Affecting Prices:

Several factors influence the prices of kitchen hoods and hobs. These include:

Brand Reputation: 

Because they are trustworthy and guarantee quality, well-known brands frequently get higher costs.


Advanced features like touch controls, LED lighting, and multiple fan speeds can increase prices.

Materials and Build Quality: 

The quality of materials used and the overall build of the appliance can impact its price.

Type and Size: 

Different types and sizes of hoods and hobs will have varying price points. For instance, island hoods might be pricier than wall-mounted ones.


Hobs with advanced cooking technologies like induction heating tend to be more expensive.

Making the Right Choice:

When considering purchasing a kitchen hood and hob, assessing your cooking habits, kitchen layout, and budget is essential. Prioritize features that align with your needs. Investing in a higher-end kitchen hood might be worthwhile if you cook frequently and require high-powered ventilation. Similarly, if you prefer cooking, a feature-rich hob could be beneficial.


In conclusion, every modern kitchen needs a hood and hob because they add functionality and style. Various choices from brands, including Canon, Dawlance, and Nasgas, are available to meet various needs and budgets. Prices for these appliances can vary based on brand reputation, features, and design. By understanding your needs and considering the factors that affect prices, you can choose wisely to improve the functionality and appearance of your kitchen.


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