Best Dawlance Deep Freezer Price In Pakistan In 2024

Best Dawlance Deep Freezer Price In Pakistan In 2024

A deep freezer is a large appliance used to store frozen food for a long time. It can hold more than a regular freezer, making it great for bulk purchases and homemade meals. This reduces trips to the grocery store. Deep freezers are usually kept in a garage or basement. They keep food fresh for months and often have adjustable temperature settings. It's important to keep them organized and defrost them regularly for best performance.

Dawlance Deep Freezer

Dawlance deep freezers are known for using different amounts of power and being very quiet. This makes them an excellent option for both households and workplaces. They are perfect for a one-time investment in your kitchen. Dawlance freezers are designed to be very efficient and reliable. Here are different types of Dawlance deep freezers.

  • Dawlance Small deep freezers
  • Dawlance chest-deep freezers
  • Dawlance portable freezers

    Dawlance Small Deep Freezers

    The Dawlance small deep freezer is the perfect choice for compact spaces, making it ideal for frozen food without taking up much space. It is a reliable, energy-efficient option for apartments or small kitchens. They are designed to be practical and durable.

    Now let’s discuss some other features of Dawlance small deep freezers:

    Variable Power Consumption: It can adjust how much electricity they use, which helps save on energy bills.

    Low Noise System: It operates quietly, so it won't disturb you while they are running.

    Compact Design: They are designed to fit into smaller spaces, making them suitable for apartments or kitchens with limited room.

    Efficient Cooling: It keeps your food consistently frozen at the right temperature to maintain freshness.

    Durable Construction: They are built to last, with sturdy materials that can withstand regular use.

    Adjustable Shelves and Compartments: Some models come with shelves and compartments that you can move around to customize the storage space to your needs.

    Frost-Free Technology: Many deep freezers are frost-free, so you don't have to worry about manually defrosting them.

    Energy Efficiency: These freezers are designed to use energy efficiently, helping you save money on electricity in the long run.

    Quick Freeze Function: Some models have a quick freeze feature that rapidly freezes food, preserving its quality and flavor.

    Temperature Control: They have adjustable temperature controls, allowing you to set the ideal temperature for your frozen goods.

     Models Price (Approximately)
    Dawlance Deep Freezer DF-200P Stucco PCM Rs. 63,000
    Dawlance Deep Freezer DF-300P (Inverter)  Rs. 78,000 
    Dawlance Deep Freezer DF-400P (Inverter)  Rs. 86,000 
    Dawlance Deep Freezer DF-400 SD EDS (White)

    Rs. 76,000

    Dawlance Deep Freezer DF-300P Stucco PCM (White) 

    Rs. 68,000 

    Note: Please note that our prices are for informational purposes only and are approximate; they may not reflect the exact current prices. For current prices, please check the product page. 

    Dawlance Chest-Deep Freezers

    The Dawlance Chest deep freezer is a budget-friendly choice with plenty of space and versatility. Its lid opens upwards, requiring ample headroom and kitchen space to prevent food odours from spreading. Although it needs more space, it takes up less floor space and is simpler to clean. In Pakistan, it's the go-to freezer for convenience.

    Here are some features of Dawlance chest-deep freezers:

    Plenty of Space: Dawlance chest-deep freezers have room for lots of frozen food, perfect for families who need to store a large amount.

    Affordable: They won't break the bank but still freeze food effectively.

    Easy Access: Their hinged lids open upward, making it simple to reach items inside.

    Space-Saving: Despite their size, they take up less floor space than upright freezers, great for small kitchens.

    Easy to Clean: Keeping them tidy is a breeze, ensuring they last a long time.

    Keeps Food Fresh: Their efficient cooling system maintains the right temperature for frozen food.

    Flexible: These freezers can hold a variety of items, from bulk purchases to homemade meals.

    Temperature Control: You can adjust the temperature to suit what you're storing.

    Built to Last: Made from tough materials, they're durable and reliable.

    Energy-Efficient: They help save on electricity bills while keeping food frozen and fresh.

     Models Price (Approximately)
    Dawlance Deep Freezer CF-91998-H LVS  Rs. 92,000 
    Dawlance Deep Freezer CF-91998-H Signature Inverter  Rs. 99,000
    Dawlance Deep Freezer CF-91998 LVS (Grey) Rs. 92,000
    Dawlance Deep Freezer CF-91998 Inverter (Champ)  Rs. 99,000 
    Dawlance Deep Freezer CF-91998 Inverter (Grey)  Rs. 99,000 

    Note: Please note that our prices are for informational purposes only and are approximate; they may not reflect the exact current prices. For current prices, please check the product page.

    Dawlance Portable Deep Freezers

    Dawlance Portable freezers can be powered by both AC and DC power sources, making them perfect for camping trips and outdoor activities They ensure that your food stays fresh. Equipped with AC and DC plugs, they are easy to connect and operate. These portable freezers are great for preventing food spoilage outdoors, making them ideal for picnics and camping due to their convenience.

    These are the different features of Dawlance portable deep freezers:

    Portability: They are made to be easily moved around, perfect for trips and outdoor activities.

    Works Anywhere: They can be powered by both home outlets and car sockets, so you can use them wherever you go.

    Simple Plugs: With plugs for both home and car use, they are easy to set up and use anywhere.

    Keeps Food Cold: Despite being portable, they keep food frozen, even in remote areas.

    Small and Strong: They are designed to be compact and tough, they're easy to carry and can handle rough conditions.

    Built to Last: Made with sturdy materials, they're tough enough for travel and outdoor use.

    Temperature Control: Some models let you adjust the temperature to keep your food just right.

    Saves Energy: Despite their power, they're designed to use energy wisely, especially when using car power.

    Lots of Space: They have plenty of room inside for all your food, so you won't run out of space on your trip.

    Handy for Travel: They are great for picnics, camping, or road trips, making outdoor food storage easy and convenient.

    Best Dawlance Deep Freezers At Japan Electronics

    If you are looking for top-notch deep freezers in Pakistan, Japan Electronics is an excellent option. They offer affordable prices and a wide range of models to choose from. Whether you need a small or large capacity, they have features to meet your needs. With its budget-friendly options, Japan Electronics is a great choice for deep freezer buyers in Pakistan in 2024.


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