Top 7 Best Air Conditioners in Pakistan (2023)

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Top 7 Best Air Conditioners in Pakistan (2023)

As summer is around the corner, and an essential home appliance that becomes necessary during summer is an air conditioner. After all we all know scorching sun and heat make summer survival impossible without an AC.

Be its home or office now air conditioners have become a necessity more than a fancy home appliance because of the unbearable heat. As well as, the air conditioner prices are reasonable in Pakistan, with great features that fulfill all your needs.

The inverter/DC air conditioners are energy efficient. Because they consume less energy and can even start on low voltages (150 V). They work on both modes, heat and cool. Following is a list of some best air conditioners in Pakistan that are available at Japan Electronics.


Sr No.



Tons (Capacity)




2 Ton Inverter




1.5 Ton Inverter




1.5 Ton Inverter




1.0 Ton Inverter




1.5 Ton Inverter




1.5 Ton Inverter




2.0  Ton Inverter


  1. TCL Split AC 2 Ton Inverter TAC-24HEA

TCL has been a very well-known brand manufacturing products for years. It is an energy-efficient heat and cool inverter series with a tons capacity of 2.0 and BTU consumption of 24000 per hour for both heat and cool mode. Furthermore, This has a fireproof electric box that prevents any threat of fire and breakout. 

his inverter ac is an energy-efficient product because it saves up to 66% of energy. It has a dual rotary compressor that works like magic and gives powerful cooling in high temperatures, so you may not feel hot. It also has a strong refrigerant, R 410 A.

So, the whole room gets cool through its intelligent airflow with the double swing feature. You need to press a button once, and the ac will be auto-cleaned by its self-clean feature.

The specification also includes a power cut auto restart to maintain the humidity at a comfortable level.

  1. TCL Split AC 1.5 Ton Inverter TAC-18T3

This TCL air conditioner split has a tons capacity of 1.5 tons. With the IoT Wi-Fi feature in it, you can easily control the temperature from anywhere through the TCL home app. The hands-free voice control feature in the TCL TV can also be used to manage the temperature of an AC. 

This energy-saving ac has airflow that is brilliant, evenly spreading the air throughout the room. This DC air conditioner has an air-cooled electric box that generally keeps your room temperature icy even in hot temperatures. Moreover, Its deep filter sterilizers ensure clean air by removing dust particles. 

With the antibacterial feature in it, it also removes bacteria and throws clean and healthy air. TCL's deep sterilizing and antibacterial feature ensures that you and your family breathe clean air.

This best air conditioners has gold fins protecting the coil from rust. Gold fins specifically provide extra durability for coils. This TCL air conditioner has a deep clean feature that is clinically approved to provide you with clean, fresh, and healthier air.

  1. TCL Split AC 1.5 Ton Inverter TAC-18HEA

Firstly, this Split TCL air conditioner has a capacity of 1.5 tons with a BTU consumption of 18000 per hour. The inverter technology is eco-friendly as it lessens the power needed to operate the system. It reduces the power required to cool the room's atmosphere and saves the cool air and energy from reusing later.

This dc inverter ac has tubing of 100% copper. It has an auto-clean feature; you just need to push the button, and cleaning will start. Moreover, if there is any leakage in the device it will remind you, and its specifications include a filter cleaning reminder too.

This inverter technology air conditioner has a sleep mode that will give you a peaceful sleep. It has also a 5-speed airflow control and a 4D air throw. Furthermore, this Dc air conditioner has dual rotatory compressors that provide active and forceful cooling and heating.

  1. Panasonic Split AC Inverter 1.0 Ton UE12WKF-9

Another well-known brand that has provided high-quality products to its customers for years. The brand offers different models for one category and manufactures the best products to meet the needs of its customers. 

This Panasonic air conditioner model has a tons capacity of 1.0 with a BTU consumption of 12000 per hour. The powerful T3 compressor significantly relieves electricity bills by quickly cooling the room. It has a shower cooling technology that provides air from above. This feature ensures healthy air-conditioning. 

This inverter technology has a low voltage startup (150 Volts) and low ampere startup (1.5 amperes). This Panasonic air conditioner has tubing of 100% copper. This model has a hidden display and timer mode.

Turbo mode accelerates cooling and heating. This air conditioner can both heat and cool. Moreover, this DC air conditioner has a fireproof control box that prevents the device from fire and breakout. 

  1. Panasonic Split AC 1.5 Ton Inverter UE18WKF-9

Another model of Panasonic has a tons capacity of 1.5 with a BTU consumption of 18000 per hour. The powerful T3 motor ensures you lessen electricity bills and provides quick cooling and heating. 

The low voltage startup (150 Volts) makes this device energy efficient. This Panasonic air conditioner has a gold fin condenser that prevents the coils from rusting. This dc inverter air conditioner has a 4-way swing that evenly spreads the air throughout the room. Moreover, it has a turbo mode that makes the heating and cooling of ac faster. 

This Panasonic air conditioner 1.5 ton has precise temperature control to provide you comfort cooling. The safest refrigerant gas, R410A, has no harmful effects on the ozone layer.

The fireproof electric box saves the air conditioner from breakout and fire. The micron dust filters ensure to give you clean and dust-free air.It hasa timer and displays features too, that are hidden.

 This DC air conditioner has both options, heat and cool which means you can use it in both seasons, summer and winter. 


  1. Whirlpool Split AC 1.5 Ton Inverter SPIW418DX 

Whirlpool is another famous brand known for providing high-quality products to its customers. This model has a capacity of 1.5 tons, and its BTU consumption is 18000 per hour. 

It works on both modes, heat and cool. This whirlpool air conditioner has 6th sense Intelli comfort. This feature automatically sets the fan speed according to the room temperature. 3D cool tech spreads air throughout a room. This product has MPFI technology, a unique circuit design for quick heat exchange to cool the room swiftly, resulting in electricity savings. 

This DC air conditioner has dual power saving, which means electricity bills will not go high by using this device as well as it is an energy-efficient product. Moreover, it has a climate control feature; you can easily control the temperature from this specification. 


  1. Whirlpool Split AC 2.0 Ton Inverter SPIW422DX

Another model of the whirlpool has a capacity of 2.0 with a BTU consumption of 24000 per hour. The MPFI featurehas an exceptional circuit design that helps to quickly cool the temperature by quick heat exchange, saving electricity. Hence, it is an energy-saver device.

This split air conditioner has a 3D cooling effect that swiftly changes the temperature of your room.

 It automatically sets the room temperature with its 6th sense Intelli comfort feature. This DC air conditioner also has a climate control feature; by turning this feature on, you can easily control the temperature according to your need.

This whirlpool air conditioner has a dual power-saving specification, which saves electricity resulting in lower electricity bills.

Rust-free coils ensure durability, and you can use them for a more extended time. Furthermore, the Price of inverter ac in Pakistan is economical.


In Conclusion, all the brands mentioned above are worth buying. They maintain quality. It is up to you which brand and capacity you choose that fits your home.

All these air conditioners mentioned above are energy efficient. The price of inverter ac in Pakistan is reasonable. Moreover, all these inverter ac’s are available at Japan Electronics.




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