TCL Split AC Inverter 1.5 Ton TAC-18T5-SMT-S

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Capacity: 1.5 Ton
Rs.195,900 Rs.200,000
Best Price Guaranteed

Best Price Guaranteed


TCL 18T5 Smart Full DC Inverter AC

Get the TCL 18T5 Full 5DC Inverter AC in Pakistan at the best price. We'll deliver it anywhere in Pakistan. Plus, it comes with a 3-year warranty for the compressor and a 1-year warranty for the parts.

The TCL 18T5 full DC inverter AC in Pakistan is a great deal, especially when compared to other top models like Kenwood Esmart, Panasonic, and Gree Fairy, which are much pricier.

Features of TCL 18T5 Smart Inverter AC

5D DC Inverter: This type of air conditioner adjusts the compressor speed to maintain the desired temperature, leading to energy savings of up to 60%.

Photosensitive Sensor: This feature detects changes in brightness intelligently.

TITAN GOLD Strong Hydrophilic: Ensures water doesn't accumulate on the fins of the evaporator and condenser, prevents dust and bacteria buildup, and eliminates odors for longer freshness.

Vertical/Horizontal Auto Swing: Offers a 4-way airflow for maximum comfort.

Precise Control: The DC inverter air conditioner adjusts the compressor speed accurately to maintain the set temperature, ensuring high efficiency and comfort.

SOFT BREEZE: By redirecting the airflow using the Coanda effect, air passes through small holes to spread out gently, preventing direct blasts and creating a soothing, shower-like breeze.

ECO Mode: With just one button, you can activate this mode. The air conditioner quickly cools the room, and then switches to a low-frequency operation while maintaining the set temperature.

TCL Split AC Inverter 1.5 Ton TAC-18T5-SMT-S Specifications:

  • Brand:  TCL
  • Model:  TAC-18T5-SMT-S
  • Capacity in Tons:  1.5 Ton
  • Fixed or Inverter: Full DC Inverter
  • Cooling Capacity BTU: 18200(4095~21155)
  • Heating Capacity BTU: 18200(4095~22520)
  • Power Input(W)-Cooling: 1470(300~2700)
  • Power Input(W)-Heating: 1486(300~2500)
  • Running Current(A)-Cooling: 6.7(1.5~12.0)
  • Running Current(A)-Heating: 6.7(1.4~11.5)
  • EER (w/w): 3.6
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Yes
  • Smart Memory: Yes
  • Smart Learning: I FEEL
  • Refrigerant: R410A / 1.25
  • Rated Voltage: 145~265
  • Rated Frequency: 1Ph-220-240V~50Hz
  • Indoor Noise[dB(A)]: 45
  • Outdoor Noise[dB(A)]: 58

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